7 Facts About Billy Preston

1. At this time Billy Preston had become close friends with musician Sly Stone, and made many contributions to Stone's recordings of the period.

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2. In 2004, Billy Preston performed as a jazz organist on Ray Charles' Genius Loves Company, an album of duets, on the song "Here We Go Again" with Charles and Norah Jones.

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3. In 2004, Billy Preston toured with the Funk Brothers and Steve Winwood in Europe, and then with Clapton in Europe and North America.

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4. In 1998, Billy Preston played organ during the choir numbers on the UPN comedy show Good News.

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5. In 1997, Billy Preston recorded the album You and I, in Italy, with Italian band Novecento.

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6. In 1991, Billy Preston was treated for alcohol and cocaine addictions.

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7. In 1962, Billy Preston joined Little Richard's band as an organist, and it was while performing in Hamburg that he met the Beatles.

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