14 Facts About Bob Arum

1. Bob Arum has have thousand of fans and supporters in New York.

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2. Bob Arum spent his youth in New York where he was raised in a Jewish home.

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3. Bob Arum is a close friend and business partner of billionaire casino tycoon, and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp, Sheldon Adelson.

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4. Bob Arum had three children with his first wife: Richard, Elizabeth, and John.

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5. Bob Arum filed a lawsuit against HBO for overstepping its boundaries in the sport by becoming a de facto promoter while trying to intentionally eliminate him as a promoter.

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6. Bob Arum was on vacation when his office was raided, and the FBI originally declined to comment on the raid.

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7. Bob Arum was inducted into the International Boxing Hall Of Fame in 1999.

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8. Bob Arum has concentrated many of his shows in the Southwestern portion of the US, in cities with large Spanish-speaking populations.

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9. Bob Arum has concentrated largely on promoting Hispanic fighters in recent years, citing surveys which show boxing is among the most popular sports within the Hispanic community.

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10. Bob Arum kept producing big-scale undercards and superfights, including the Hagler-Sugar Ray Leonard bout, the Sugar Ray Leonard vs Thomas Hearns 1989 rematch, Evander Holyfield vs George Foreman, and many others.

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11. Bob Arum became a vice-president and secretary of Ali's promotion company, Main Bout.

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12. Bob Arum worked as an attorney in the United States Department of Justice during the Kennedy administration, and had little interest in boxing until 1965.

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13. Bob Arum worked for the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York in the tax division during his legal career before moving into boxing promotion.

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14. Bob Arum is the founder and CEO of Top Rank, a professional boxing promotion company based in Las Vegas.

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