9 Facts About Bob Barker

1. In 2010, Bob Barker began funding the cost of a helicopter, named the Nancy Burnet; the helicopter accompanies the society's fleet.

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2. In June 2009, Bob Barker wrote Chief Michell Hicks of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians asking that their reservation's bear exhibit be closed.

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3. In 2004, Bob Barker donated $1 million to Columbia University School of Law to support the study of animal rights.

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4. On October 31, 2006, Bob Barker made his announcement that he would retire from The Price Is Right in June 2007.

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5. In 1971, Bob Barker was tapped to host a pilot for NBC entitled Simon Says, which required him to interact with a giant computer called "Simon" in Let's Make A Deal-style "trades".

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6. On December 4, 1957, Bob Barker began hosting a new Ralph Edwards creation, the short-lived End of the Rainbow for NBC.

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7. In 2007, Bob Barker retired from hosting The Price Is Right after celebrating his 50-year career on television.

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8. When his wife Dorothy Jo died, Bob Barker became an advocate for animal rights and of animal-rights activism, supporting groups such as the United Activists for Animal Rights and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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9. In 1950, Bob Barker moved to California in order to pursue a career in broadcasting.

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