12 Facts About Bob Boone


Bob Boone was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the sixth round of the 1969 amateur draft after attending Stanford University where he was admitted to the Zeta Psi fraternity.

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Bob Boone made the National League All-Star team three times in a Phillies uniform and helped the team win the 1980 World Series.

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In 2005, Bob Boone was inducted into the Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame.

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Bob Boone rebounded by throwing out 21 of the first 34 steal attempts and helping the Angels to the AL West title.

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Bob Boone was one of the top defensive catchers of his era, winning seven Gold Glove awards.

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Bob Boone caught 2,225 games in a 19-year big league career, a record that lasted for three years until Carlton Fisk passed him.

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Bob Boone caught 117 shutouts during his career, ranking him tied for 13th all-time in 2010 among major league catchers.

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In 1990, just after Bob Boone retired as a player, a group trying to bring an MLB franchise to Orlando hired him to be its first manager.

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Bob Boone returned to the Royals in 1995 as the team's manager but was let go during the 1997 season after a third straight sub-.

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Bret's son Jake Bob Boone is an infielder in the Washington Nationals minor league system.

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Bob Boone's mother, Patsy Boone, was a synchronized swimmer who swam with Esther Williams in the movies.

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Bob Boone's sister Terry Boone was a champion swimmer, and his brother Rod Boone was a college baseball star who played Triple-A ball in the Astros and Royals organizations.

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