48 Facts About Bobby Robson

1. Sir Bobby Robson died on 31 July 2009, shortly after attending the tribute match.

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2. Bobby Robson was given several honours for his work in football.

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3. Bobby Robson was in some advertisements, including Carlsberg's "Best Pub Side" television advertisement.

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4. Bobby Robson played in his first professional football game for Fulham FC.

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5. Bobby Robson said, in his autobiography, it was "the proudest moment of my life".

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6. Bobby Robson was given several honours for his contributions to football.

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7. Bobby Robson managed the England team 95 times, with 47 victories.

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8. Bobby Robson started his career as a manager at Fulham FC.

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9. Bobby Robson was selected for England while at West Bromwich Albion.

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10. Bobby Robson was born in Sacriston, County Durham, England in 1933.

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11. Bobby Robson announces he will be taking over at PSV Eindhoven after tournament.

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12. In December 2009, Bobby Robson was posthumously awarded the FIFA Fair Play Award, for the "gentlemanly qualities he showed throughout his career as a player and coach".

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13. On 9 December 2007, Bobby Robson was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year show in recognition of "his contribution as both player and manager in a career spanning more than half a century".

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14. Bobby Robson was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2003 in recognition of his impact as a manager.

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15. Bobby Robson was awarded a number of honours for his contributions to football.

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16. Bobby Robson was survived by his wife and their three sons: Andrew, Paul and Mark.

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17. On 31 July 2009, Bobby Robson died of lung cancer at his home in County Durham, aged 76, after a long battle with the disease.

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18. Bobby Robson acted as a pundit for ITV during the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2004.

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19. Bobby Robson made a number of product endorsements, including an appearance in Carlsberg's "Best Pub Side" television commercial.

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20. Bobby Robson presented the trophy to the victorious captain, Sol Campbell.

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21. Bobby Robson had several operations and in 2006 was operated on for a brain tumour.

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22. Bobby Robson met Elsie Gray on a trip back to his parents' home in Langley Park.

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23. Bobby Robson was a former vice president of the League Managers Association, a non-executive role.

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24. On 7 June 2005, Bobby Robson declined the invitation to become director of football of Heart of Midlothian because he wanted to stay in the Newcastle area.

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25. Bobby Robson criticised Shepherd and the club's deputy chairman Douglas Hall, for their focus on the first team and St James' Park, causing them to neglect less glamorous issues, such as the training ground, youth development and talent scouts.

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26. Bobby Robson took over in July 1996, where again his assistant was Mourinho; Robson had made Mourinho's move with him to the Camp Nou a condition of his employment.

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27. Bobby Robson arranged showdown talks with Romario, with Frank Arnesen, Robson's assistant, acting as a translator.

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28. Bobby Robson became frustrated with the Brazilian's work ethic, although admitted "in some matches he would be scintillating".

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29. Bobby Robson described the move as "a culture shock" but felt "a sense of adventure".

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30. Bobby Robson led England without conceding a goal through the six-match qualification for the 1990 World Cup where they were one of six seeded teams.

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31. Bobby Robson was vilified by the British press, and after a draw in a friendly with Saudi Arabia, one newspaper demanded, "In the name of Allah, go.

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32. Bobby Robson changed the team's tactics for the final match of the first round, selecting Peter Beardsley ahead of Mark Hateley as a striking partner for Gary Lineker.

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33. On 7 July 2006, Bobby Robson was named as honorary president of Ipswich Town Football Club, the first since Lady Blanche Cobbold who had died in 1987.

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34. Bobby Robson made his debut as a manager in January 1968 at his former club Fulham, against Macclesfield Town, then in the Cheshire County League, in the third round of the FA Cup.

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35. Bobby Robson was selected for the 1962 World Cup finals in Chile, but an injury to his ankle sustained in a pre-tournament friendly against a Chilean club side ruled him out of most of the tournament.

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36. Bobby Robson was dissatisfied by this situation and when, in January 1968, Fulham offered him a contract as their manager, he accepted the position at Craven Cottage.

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37. Bobby Robson began scouting and holding tryout camps for the new team in the Fall of 1967.

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38. Bobby Robson was to be player-manager in their inaugural 1968 season in the North American Soccer League and believed it "was a chance too good to miss".

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39. Bobby Robson came to regard Fulham as "a nice club, a social club.

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40. In 1950, Bobby Robson made his first-team debut for Fulham, recently promoted to the First Division, in a match against Sheffield Wednesday.

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41. Bobby Robson spent the day working at the Festival of Britain site and trained three nights a week at Fulham.

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42. Bobby Robson had interested his beloved Newcastle, but he opted to join Fulham as, in his opinion, "Newcastle made no appreciable effort to secure [my] signature.

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43. Bobby Robson played football whenever he possibly could but left school aged 15 to start work as an electrician's apprentice for the National Coal Board in the Langley Park colliery.

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44. Bobby Robson described Jackie Milburn and Len Shackleton as his childhood heroes.

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45. Bobby Robson was born in Sacriston, County Durham, the fourth of five sons of Philip and Lilian Robson.

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46. Bobby Robson was created a Knight Bachelor in 2002, was inducted as a member of the English Football Hall of Fame in 2003, and was the honorary president of Ipswich Town.

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47. Bobby Robson made 20 appearances for England, scoring four goals.

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48. Sir Robert William Bobby Robson was an English footballer and football manager.

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