30 Facts About Brian Clough

1. Brian Clough died of stomach cancer on 20 September 2004, on Ward 30, in Derby City Hospital, at the age of 69, having been admitted a few days earlier.

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2. Brian Clough was made an inaugural inductee of the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002 in recognition of his huge impact as a manager.

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3. Brian Clough considered applying for the job as manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers on the sacking of Graham Taylor on 13 November 1995.

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4. Brian Clough dedicated his autobiography in 1994 to Taylor, and he paid tribute to him when he was given the freedom of Nottingham, as he did in September 1999 when a bust was unveiled of Clough at the City Ground.

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5. In June 1986, Brian Clough was linked with the job of Scotland manager, but the vacancy was filled by Andy Roxburgh instead.

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6. Brian Clough was keen on the chance to become an international manager, but the directors of Nottingham Forest refused to let him split his loyalties.

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7. Brian Clough was still a popular choice to be given the job of England manager before Graham Taylor's appointment in 1990.

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8. Brian Clough was interviewed for the job twice, in 1977 and 1982, but lost out to Ron Greenwood and Bobby Robson respectively.

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9. Brian Clough was a popular choice to be appointed England manager throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

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10. Brian Clough reached his only FA Cup final in 1991.

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11. On 18 January 1989 Brian Clough joined the fray of a City Ground pitch invasion by hitting two of his own team's fans when on the pitch.

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12. Brian Clough said, "Those who said it was a nothing trophy were absolutely crackers.

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13. Brian Clough valued winning a derided trophy as the club's first silverware since 1959.

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14. In October 1976 Brian Clough acting on Peter Taylor's advice signed Larry Lloyd for £60,000 after an initial loan period.

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15. Brian Clough got Robertson on a diet and training regime that would help him become a European Cup winner.

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16. Brian Clough replaced Allan Brown as manager of Nottingham Forest on 6 January 1975 twelve weeks after the end of his 44-day tenure as manager of Leeds United.

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17. Brian Clough refused to do so, as he vehemently denied making the V-sign in the first place.

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18. Brian Clough never told either his chairman, secretary or other board members at Derby about the bid.

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19. In September 1973, Brian Clough travelled to West Ham United's Upton Park and made a £400,000 bid for Bobby Moore, a player he admired, and Trevor Brooking.

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20. On 5 August 1973, Brian Clough put his name to an article in the Sunday Express which savaged Leeds United's disciplinary record, stating that Don Revie should be fined for encouraging his players in their unsporting behaviour and Leeds relegated to the Second Division.

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21. In February 1971, Brian Clough bolstered his squad by signing Colin Todd for a British record £175,000 on the same day Clough had denied that Derby were about to buy Todd.

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22. Brian Clough was famous for insisting on being called 'Mr Clough' and earned great respect from his peers for his ability to turn a game to his and his team's advantage.

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23. At the age of 30, Brian Clough was then the youngest manager in the league.

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24. Brian Clough once upbraided Clough for talking to a friend during a training session.

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25. Brian Clough played twice for the England national football team, against Wales on 17 October 1959 and Sweden on 28 October 1959, without scoring.

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26. Brian Clough played for Billingham Synthonia before his national service in the RAF between 1953 and 1955.

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27. Brian Clough left school in 1950 without any qualifications, to work at ICI and did his national service in the RAF Regiment between 1953 and 1955.

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28. Brian Clough stated in his autobiography 'Walking on Water' that cricket, rather than football, was his first love as a youngster, and that he would have far rather scored a test century at Lord's than a hat-trick at Wembley.

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29. Brian Clough stayed on as Forest manager for another decade and won two more League Cups and reached the FA Cup final in 1991, but could not emulate his earlier successes.

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30. Brian Clough remains one of the Football League's highest goalscorers.

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