18 Facts About BPP University


BPP University is a private university in the United Kingdom.

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BPP University was first granted degree-awarding powers in 2007, and degree-awarding powers for an indefinite time period in 2020.

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The August 2013 granting of university status to BPP was criticised by the University and College Union in an open letter.

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In September 2017, Times Higher Education reported that BPP University had shut down its degree programme in dental and oral sciences with immediate effect after it failed to meet General Dental Council standards just a year after launching the course in 2016, leaving new students unable to start and existing undergraduate students facing an uncertain future.

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In February 2019, Department for Education banned BPP University from recruiting new apprentices citing 'insufficient progress'.

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In May 2020, BPP University was accused of "threatening to withhold" January exam results from students whose fees were overdue.

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BPP University launched a small talk initiative to its law students in chitchat and networking in 2021.

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Previously BPP University started wellbeing initiative to teach students how to meditate and provided "specially commissioned audio meditations" to them.

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In 2021, BPP University launched pro bono clinic to help provide welfare rights advice.

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BPP University won Best Contribution by a Law School Award in 2022.

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BPP University was partnered with the O Shaped Lawyer for the SQE preparation courses.

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BPP University was accused of "disruptive editing" on Wikipedia in regards to a successful case for unfair dismissal brought against the school by its former lecturer Elizabeth Aylott.

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From June to July 2020, it was reported that former employee Employment Law lecturer Elizabeth Aylott has successfully brought a constructive unfair dismissal claim at an employment tribunal after BPP University failed to reduce her workload despite her mental health struggles.

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On 20 March 2020, BPP University was criticised for having 'not clearly communicated' information to students after a student at its Waterloo campus had tested positive for Coronavirus.

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In July 2020, BPP University was on the receiving end of criticism from its students during the COVID-19 pandemic for not delivering physical copies of “permitted materials” and textbooks to its Legal Practice Course students.

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On 22 July 2020, The Lawyer reported that many BPP University students were locked out of exams due to IT failures and had demanded a partial refund of their fees “based on the period of time students were unable to use BPP University facilities.

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On 23 November 2020, BPP students said they intend to report the university to the Competition and Markets Authority after the institution refused for a second time to refund tuition fees for alleged lockdown failures.

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In June 2018, BPP University shut down its Liverpool campus and told all of its students in Liverpool to continue their studies at the Manchester campus instead.

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