33 Facts About Brian Mulroney

1. Brian Mulroney was inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame in 2018.

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2. Brian Mulroney was appointed a Companion of the Order of Canada on May 6, 1998.

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3. Brian Mulroney criticizes Trudeau for avoiding military service in World War II, and favourably references sources that describe the young Trudeau as holding anti-Semitic nationalist views and having an admiration for fascist dictators.

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4. In 2014, Brian Mulroney became the chairman of Quebecor and defused tensions resulting from the continuing influence of former President and CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau.

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5. In June 2004, Brian Mulroney presented a eulogy for former US President Ronald Reagan during the latter's state funeral.

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6. In January 2004, Brian Mulroney delivered a keynote speech in Washington, DC celebrating the tenth anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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7. In 1998, Brian Mulroney was accorded Canada's highest civilian honour when he was made a Companion of the Order of Canada.

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8. Since leaving office, Brian Mulroney has served as an international business consultant and remains a partner with the law firm Norton Rose.

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9. On January 5, 1997, Mr Brian Mulroney agreed to an out-of-court settlement with the Government of Canada and the RCMP.

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10. Brian Mulroney entered 1993 facing a statutory general election.

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11. In 1990 Brian Mulroney nominated Ray Hnatyshyn, an MP from Saskatoon and a former Cabinet minister, to be Governor General.

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12. Brian Mulroney had to use Section 26, a little known Constitutional provision, allowing him in an emergency situation to ask the Queen to appoint 8 new Senators.

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13. Brian Mulroney proposed the introduction of a national sales tax, the Goods and Services Tax, in the 1989 budget.

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14. Brian Mulroney sent a letter of condolence to then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, which sparked an uproar in Canada since he did not call families of the actual victims to offer condolences.

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15. Brian Mulroney yielded Central Nova back to MacKay and instead ran in the eastern Quebec riding of Manicouagan, which included Baie-Comeau.

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16. Brian Mulroney demanded that Turner apologize to the country for making "these horrible appointments.

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17. Brian Mulroney was elected party leader on June 11, 1983, beating Clark on the fourth ballot, attracting broad support from the many factions of the party and especially from representatives of his native Quebec.

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18. Brian Mulroney declined an offer to run in a Quebec by-election as a federal Liberal.

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19. In 1983 Brian Mulroney successfully negotiated the closing of the Schefferville mine, winning a generous settlement for the affected workers.

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20. Brian Mulroney took the job of executive vice president of the Iron Ore Company of Canada, a joint subsidiary of three major US steel corporations.

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21. At the 1976 leadership convention, Brian Mulroney placed second on the first ballot behind Wagner.

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22. Brian Mulroney had played the lead role in recruiting Wagner to the PC party a few years earlier, and the two wound up as rivals for Quebec delegates, most of whom were snared by Wagner, who even blocked Mulroney from becoming a voting delegate at the convention.

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23. Brian Mulroney joined with most of his generation in supporting Camp and opposing Diefenbaker, but due to his past friendship with Diefenbaker, he attempted to stay out of the spotlight.

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24. Brian Mulroney secured a plum temporary appointment in Ottawa during the summer of 1962, as the executive assistant to Alvin Hamilton, minister of agriculture.

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25. Brian Mulroney assisted with the 1958 national election campaign at the local level in Nova Scotia; a campaign that led to the then-largest majority in Canadian history.

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26. Brian Mulroney was very active in campus politics, serving with distinction in several Model Parliaments, and was campus prime minister in a Maritimes-wide Model Parliament in 1958.

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27. Brian Mulroney joined the "Youth for Diefenbaker" committee which was led by Ted Rogers, a future scion of Canadian business.

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28. Brian Mulroney became a youth delegate and attended the 1956 leadership convention in Ottawa.

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29. Brian Mulroney enthusiastically embraced political organization, and assisted the local PC candidate in his successful 1956 Nova Scotia provincial election campaign; the PCs, led provincially by Robert Stanfield, swept to a surprise victory.

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30. Brian Mulroney entered St Francis Xavier University in the fall of 1955 as a 16-year-old freshman.

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31. Brian Mulroney would sing Irish songs for McCormick, and the publisher would slip him $50.

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32. Brian Mulroney is the son of Irish Canadian Catholic parents, Mary Irene and Benedict Martin Mulroney, who was a paper mill electrician.

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33. Brian Mulroney was born on March 20, 1939, in Baie-Comeau, Quebec, a remote and isolated town in the eastern part of the province.

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