30 Facts About Brie Larson

1. Brie Larson revealed in the featurette, Brothers in Arms, that Tatum was able to do a lot of flips and tricks with his gun while on set.

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2. Brie Larson made headlines over the summer for a speech she gave at the Crystal + Lucy Awards in which she pointed out how most of the reviews for Ava DuVernay's "A Wrinkle in Time" were written by older white men, a perspective she personally didn.

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3. Brie Larson wants to make Metroid, and while she doesn't explicitly state it, the implication is that she wants to play the lead Samus Aran.

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4. Brie Larson wants to make Metroid movie and star as Samus Aran.

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5. Brie Larson recently revealed a new look at Captain Marvel, but little did Marvel Studios know they accidentally included a "not safe work" Easter egg with the photo.

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6. Brie Larson will be showcasing a strong woman in her role as "Captain Marvel" in 2019.

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7. Brie Larson dressed up as Zero Suit Samus for Halloween; wants to make a Metroid movie.

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8. Brie Larson dressing as Samus for Halloween inspires thoughts of a Metroid movie.

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9. Brie Larson is desperate to make video game movie Metroid.

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10. In the image Brie Larson released on Twitter, we can see Captain Marvel in the same phone booth she.

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11. Brie Larson revealed her Halloween costume on social media recently, and she was dressed as zero suit Samus from the Metroid games.

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12. Brie Larson shared the new image featuring Captain Marvel flanked by posters for MTV's iconic 1992 Rock The Vote ad campaign, stressing the importance for fans to vote for the 2018 mid-term.

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13. Brie Larson reveals another look at her Captain Marvel costume while urging people to vote.

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14. Brie Larson dressed up as Zero Suit Samus—one of the many, many confirmed characters for Super Smash.

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15. Brie Larson will hit theaters next year as Captain Marvel, and she wouldn't mind jumping into the pilot's seat of another space-faring heroine's franchise.

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16. Brie Larson recently revealed a new look at Captain Marvel, but little did Marvel Studios know they accidentally included a not safe work easter egg with the photo.

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17. Brie Larson has been teasing images over the past few months from EW's premiere of the suit to the first poster, in turn proving she's just as.

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18. Brie Larson has shared a brand new look at Captain Marvel, but with a very specific purpose—to urge people to vote in the US midterm elections.

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19. Brie Larson shares new look at Captain Marvel to urge fans to vote in US midterm elections.

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20. Brie Larson gives sneak peek of Captain Marvel to urge fans to vote.

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21. Brie Larson took to Instagram dressed as Zero Suit Samus, posing with a friend in Harry Potter garb.

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22. Brie Larson is making sure that her fans head to the polls on Election Day and she's using her Marvel character Captain Marvel in a cute tweet.

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23. Brie Larson is in a relationship with Alex Greenwald, a musician and lead singer of the band Phantom Planet, with whom she became engaged in May 2016.

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24. Brie Larson had unsuccessfully auditioned in 2012 to star in the film when Miguel Arteta was attached to direct.

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25. Brie Larson made her feature film directorial debut with the comedy-drama Unicorn Store, in which she starred.

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26. Brie Larson collaborated closely with Jacob Tremblay, who played her son, and spent time performing activities that mirrored those of their characters.

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27. Brie Larson modeled her role on Schumer's sister, who served as an associate producer on the film.

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28. In 2012, Brie Larson expanded into filmmaking by co-writing and co-directing the short film The Arm with Jessie Ennis and Sarah Ramos.

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29. In 2006, Brie Larson was cast alongside Logan Lerman and Cody Linley in the comedy film Hoot, about young vigilantes trying to save a group of owls.

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30. Brie Larson went on tour with Jesse McCartney for Teen Peoples "Rock in Shop" mall concerts, opened for him during his Beautiful Soul tour, and performed in New York City at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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