48 Facts About Logan Lerman


Logan Wade Lerman was born on January 19,1992 and is an American actor.

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Logan Lerman is known for playing the title role in the fantasy-adventure Percy Jackson films.

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Logan Lerman subsequently played d'Artagnan in 2011's The Three Musketeers, starred in the coming-of-age dramas The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Indignation and The Vanishing of Sidney Hall, and had major roles in the 2014 films Noah and Fury.

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Logan Lerman's mother, Lisa, works as his manager, and his father, Larry Lerman, is a businessman and orthotist.

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Logan Lerman's paternal grandfather, Max Lerman, was born in Berlin, in 1927, to a Polish Jewish family; they left Germany in the 1930s, because of the Nazi regime, and lived in Shanghai until the end of World War II.

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Logan Lerman's paternal grandmother, Mina, was born in Mexico City, to Russian Jewish parents.

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Logan Lerman's maternal grandfather was a Polish Jewish immigrant, and his maternal grandmother was born in Los Angeles, to a Jewish immigrant family.

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Logan Lerman has stated that he is a "black sheep" in his household because he is an actor, while most of his relatives work in the medical profession.

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Logan Lerman's family owns and operates an orthotics and prosthetics company which was founded by his great-grandfather in 1915.

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Logan Lerman had a passion for movies from a young age, though he started acting "just for fun" and "to do something to get out of school".

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Logan Lerman began auditioning for roles in the late 1990s, and first appeared in commercials.

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Logan Lerman made his film debut in 2000's The Patriot, playing William Martin, one of the lead character's children.

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Logan Lerman has stated that while appearing in his earliest roles as a child, he did not have "any conscious awareness of what I was doing or what was going on" and "didn't have a good experience".

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In 2003, Logan Lerman played nine-year-old Luke Chandler in the CBS made-for-television film A Painted House, based on the early life of author John Grisham and set in Black Oak, Arkansas in the early 1950s.

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Logan Lerman next appeared in the 2004 thriller film The Butterfly Effect, portraying a seven-year-old version of character Evan Treborn.

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Logan Lerman had quit acting for a "year or so" in the early 2000s, when he was ten.

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Logan Lerman made a "conscious decision" to embrace acting as a profession when he was twelve, having developed an interest in the film making process.

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Logan Lerman was nominated for another Young Artist Award for his performance, tying with Jack DeSena for the win.

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Logan Lerman has stated that he "started taking things seriously" about his career after appearing on the show.

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The Boston Heralds reviewer mentioned that Logan Lerman's performance had a "blend of vulnerability and strength, " while Entertainment Weeklys reviewer had noted that "Logan Lerman lends Bobby a bedraggled optimism".

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Logan Lerman stated that the film's message is "that you can be any age and make a difference".

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The Washington Posts reviewer commented that "Logan Lerman shows some life as Roy", though his role was "an anomaly in a sea of insipidity", while the San Francisco Chronicles reviewer disliked Logan Lerman's performance.

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In 2007, Logan Lerman appeared in the thriller The Number 23, in which he played the son of Walter Sparrow, a man who becomes obsessed with numerology.

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That year, he appeared in the critically acclaimed western remake 3:10 to Yuma, playing William Evans, a teenager who looks up to criminal Ben Wade while shunning his father; Logan Lerman's character did not exist in the original version of the story.

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Logan Lerman received positive reviews for his work, and was again nominated for the Young Artist Award – Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actor.

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In 2008, Logan Lerman co-starred in the comedy Meet Bill, as a teenager mentored by Bill.

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In 2009, he appeared in the science fiction film Gamer, as Simon, a teenage gamer who controls one of the characters in a video game played with live human subjects Also that year, Logan Lerman had a leading role in the comedy My One and Only, playing a teenage character based on actor George Hamilton – depicted as an aspiring writer who, after his parents split, accompanies his mother and brother on a cross-country trip, eventually arriving in Hollywood.

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Bloomberg's reviewer described Logan Lerman as appealing, with the Los Angeles Times Betsy Sharkey stating that the character "captures the ease with which an angry teen will use a growing vocabulary to wound a parent".

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Logan Lerman has stated that he was not familiar with the book series when he received the script.

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Logan Lerman trained in sword fighting for three months and wore hair extensions to portray d'Artagnan, whom he has described as "the most different character to me that I've ever played".

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Logan Lerman starred in a film adaptation of Stephen Chbosky's novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower, playing the lead role, Charlie; filming took place in 2011, and the movie was released in September 2012.

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Logan Lerman played Lou in the independent drama film Stuck in Love; the film received a limited US release in 2013.

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Logan Lerman initially been signed to appear in three Percy Jackson films.

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Logan Lerman played Ham, the son of prophet Noah, in the Biblical epic Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky.

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Logan Lerman next starred in David Ayer's World War II-set film, Fury; in the film, Logan Lerman's character is an American soldier fighting Nazi forces.

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Reviews for Fury were positive; Matt Stieb of the San Antonio Current wrote that Logan Lerman "manages to hold his own" opposite co-star Brad Pitt, and Logan Lerman's performance was described as a "great turn" by Oliver Lyttelton of Indiewire.

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Logan Lerman served as one of the film's executive producers, receiving his first such credit.

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Logan Lerman played the Sidney Hall in Shawn Christensen's feature drama The Vanishing of Sidney Hall.

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Logan Lerman was an executive producer for the film, which began production in New York City in April 2016, and premiered on January 25, at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

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Logan Lerman voiced Robert Conroy, a real-life soldier who worked with World War I hero war dog Sergeant Stubby, in Sgt.

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In 2018, Logan Lerman signed to star as lead Jonah Heidelbaum in the Amazon Video series Hunters, about a group of Nazi hunters in the 1970s.

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Logan Lerman starred in two drama films that were released in mid-2020: End of Sentence, in which he plays an ex-convict who travels with his father to Ireland; and Shirley, about author Shirley Jackson, in which he plays one half of a young couple staying at Jackson's unstable household.

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Logan Lerman was represented by Creative Artists Agency from January 2011 until September 2017, when he signed with William Morris Endeavor.

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Logan Lerman co-produced the drama Press Play, alongside his producing partner Jonathan Schwartz.

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In 2006, Collins and Logan Lerman formed a band, Indigo, along with musician Daniel Pashman; Collins sang lead vocals, Logan Lerman played keyboard and guitar, and Pashman played the drums.

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In 2011, Logan Lerman stated that Indigo is "not a serious band right now", and that music is his biggest passion after film.

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Logan Lerman plays the piano and is a fan of movie music compositions.

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Logan Lerman has expressed an interest in being involved in "everything that goes into making a film", including wanting to write, produce, and direct.

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