31 Facts About Bristol City

1. Bristol City has two further education institutions and two theological colleges: Trinity College, and Bristol Baptist College.

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2. Bristol City is home to the regional headquarters of BBC West and the BBC Natural History Unit based at Broadcasting House, which produces television, radio and online content with a natural history or wildlife theme.

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3. Bristol City were promoted to the second tier of English football in 2007, losing to Hull City in the playoff for promotion to the Premier League that season.

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4. Bristol City Bears and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club are based in the city.

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5. Bristol City is represented by professional teams in all the major national sports.

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6. Bristol City has many venues for live music, its largest the 2,000-seat Colston Hall named after Edward Colston.

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7. In 2005 Bristol City was named by the UK government one of England's six science cities.

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8. Bristol City is one of the eight-largest regional English cities that make up the Core Cities Group, and is ranked as a gamma world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, the fourth-highest-ranked English city.

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9. Bristol City is unusual among major British towns and cities in its larger black than Asian population.

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10. Bristol City has green belt mainly along its southern fringes, taking in small areas within the Ashton Court Estate, South Bristol crematorium and cemetery, High Ridge common and Whitchurch, with a further area around Frenchay Farm.

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11. Bristol City was ranked as Britain's most sustainable city, topping environmental charity Forum for the Future's 2008 Sustainable Cities Index.

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12. Bristol City is often described, by its inhabitants, as being built on seven hills.

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13. Bristol City is part of a limestone area running from the Mendip Hills in the south to the Cotswolds in the northeast.

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14. On 1 April 1974, Bristol City became a local government district of the county of Avon.

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15. On 3 May 2012, Bristol City held a referendum on the question of a directly elected mayor replacing one elected by the council.

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16. Bristol City was associated with Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who designed the Great Western Railway between Bristol and London Paddington, two pioneering Bristol-built oceangoing steamships, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

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17. The Port of Bristol City has since moved from Bristol City Harbour in the city centre to the Severn Estuary at Avonmouth and Royal Portbury Dock.

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18. Bristol City was a starting place for early voyages of exploration to the New World.

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19. Bristol City was surpassed by the rapid rise of Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool in the Industrial Revolution.

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20. Bristol City received a royal charter in 1155 and was historically divided between Gloucestershire and Somerset until 1373, when it became a county of itself.

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21. In 2008 European Capital of Culture, Bristol City was the finalist even though Liverpool got the award.

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22. In 2008, Bristol City took the title as the first cycling city in England.

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23. Bristol City was selected as a county after it became a part of Gloucestershire.

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24. Bristol City was replaced by Sean O'Driscoll, the club's fifth head coach in three years, but City were relegated to League One after six seasons in the Championship.

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25. Bristol City won the Welsh Cup in 1934 despite being an English team.

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26. Salvation Army in Carson Bristol City seeks to serve 500 with Turkey Drop.

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27. Bristol City have played at Ashton Gate in the south-west of Bristol, just south of the River Avon, since moving from St John's Lane in 1904.

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28. Bristol City have played in red and white since the 1890s, occasionally including black.

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29. Bristol City were relegated in bottom place and Lennartsson was dismissed in favour of Gillingham's Tony Pulis, who lasted six months before leaving to take over at Portsmouth.

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30. Bristol City spent two seasons in the Fourth Division before winning promotion under Terry Cooper in 1984.

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31. Bristol City joined the Football League in 1901 when they became only the third club south of Birmingham to perform in the competition.

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