13 Facts About Brotli


Brotli is a lossless data compression algorithm developed by Google.

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Brotli is primarily used by web servers and content delivery networks to compress HTTP content, making internet websites load faster.

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Unlike zopfli, which was a reimplementation of an existing data format specification, Brotli was a new data format, and allowed the authors to improve compression ratios even further.

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The Brotli specification was generalized in September 2015 for HTTP stream compression.

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Brotli was first released in 2013 for off-line compression of web fonts.

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Brotli was a continuation of the development of zopfli, which is a zlib-compatible implementation of the standard gzip and deflate specifications.

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Brotli allows a denser packing than gzip and deflate because of several algorithmic and format level improvements: the use of context models for literals and copy distances, describing copy distances through past distances, use of move-to-front queue in entropy code selection, joint-entropy coding of literal and copy lengths, the use of graph algorithms in block splitting, and a larger backward reference window are example improvements.

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Brotli specification was generalized in September 2015 for HTTP stream compression.

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The version of Brotli released in September 2015 by the Google software engineers contained enhancements in generic lossless data compression, with particular emphasis on use for HTTP compression.

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Unlike most general purpose compression algorithms, Brotli uses a predefined dictionary, roughly 120 KB in size, in addition to the dynamically populated dictionary.

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Google's own implementation of the Brotli specification was released under the terms of the permissive free software MIT license in 2016.

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Brotli is available as a port for Android in a terminal-interface with its own shared library.

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Brotli compression is generally used as an alternative to gzip, as Brotli provides better overall compression.

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