23 Facts About Cad Bane


Cad Bane is a character in the Star Wars franchise.

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Cad Bane is depicted as a ruthless bounty hunter and mercenary from the planet Duro who is known for wearing his trademark wide-brimmed hat.

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Cad Bane'sfast draw, cunning wits and unscrupulous willingness to take any job for the right price have earned him a reputation as one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy.

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We knew that [Cad Bane] was going to be a very intense fighter, a very intense gunslinger, and a very serious threat.

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Cad Bane was created to serve as a recurring antagonist in The Clone Wars.

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Cad Bane made his debut in the season one finale, "Hostage Crisis".

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Cad Bane cares little for the sinister motives of his employers such as Darth Sidious, and has no qualms about harming and murdering innocents and even children in pursuit of his quarry.

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Cad Bane is renowned as one of the galaxy's most skilled marksmen and gunslingers.

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Cad Bane makes his first chronological appearance in the season two premiere, in which he is hired by Darth Sidious to steal a Holocron from the Jedi Temple.

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Cad Bane is given command of a Separatist fleet and subdues Ahsoka Tano in the ensuing space battle, using her as leverage to force Anakin to open the Holocron.

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Cad Bane captures the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 to attain the schematics for the Senate building.

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Cad Bane finds Ziro's corpse on Teth, where he engages Obi-Wan and Quinlan Vos before fleeing.

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In season four, Cad Bane is hired by Count Dooku to infiltrate a Republic prison to free Moralo Eval.

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Cad Bane grows suspicious of a bounty hunter named Rako Hardeen, who is actually Obi-Wan disguised to gain Eval's trust and uncover Dooku's plans.

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Cad Bane takes Omega to an abandoned Kaminoan cloning facility on Bora Vio for her delivery, but she escapes when Fennec Shand intervenes.

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Five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Cad Bane is hired by the Pyke Syndicate to aid in their takeover of Tatooine.

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Cad Bane leads the Pykes' attack on Mos Espa and wins in a duel against Fett, but Fett overpowers and stabs him with a Tusken gaffi stick, leaving a light on Cad Bane's chest blinking red.

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Cad Bane appears in the five-part Marvel Comics comic book miniseries Star Wars: Darth Maul, set before the events of the prequel trilogy, where he aides the titular character in kidnapping a Jedi Padawan.

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Cad Bane has appeared in several comics and video games set in the Legends continuity.

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Cad Bane has been featured in two Hasbro toys concerning himself, his blaster and his ship, as well as one involving him merged with his ship in a crossover for Transformers.

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In 2009, UGO Networks ran a feature on Cad Bane, noting his cool looks and calling him "quintessentially cold, cruel and calculating".

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IGN's Eric Goldman said that Cad Bane was a successful attempt at creating a new ongoing villain, and later called him a "very cool and effective new villain".

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Christian Bauvelt, writing for Entertainment Weeklys PopWatch, said that one of the three top reasons the "Evil Plans" episode worked for him was because Cad Bane appeared in it, and noted Bane's similarities to Angel Eyes from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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