16 Facts About Caen


Caen is located in the centre of its northern region, and it is a centre of political, economic and cultural power.

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Caen succeeded Bayeux as the capital of Lower Normandy, complementing the second ducal capital of Rouen.

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Caen has a large flood zone, named "La prairie", located around the hippodrome, not far from the river Orne, which is regularly submerged.

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Castle, Chateau de Caen, built circa 1060 by William the Conqueror, who successfully conquered England in 1066, is one of the largest medieval fortresses of Western Europe.

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At Christmas 1182, a royal court celebration for Christmas in the aula of Caen Castle brought together Henry II and his sons, Richard the Lionheart and John Lackland, receiving more than a thousand knights.

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In 1990, the agglomeration of Caen was organized into a district, transformed in 2002 into a Communaute d'agglomeration, gathers 29 towns and villages, including Villons-les-Buissons, Lion-sur-Mer, Hermanville-sur-Mer, which joined the Communaute d'agglomeration in 2004.

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Caen gave its name to a 10th canton, of which it was not part.

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Twisto is the urban transport network of Caen Including about sixty bus lines and 3 tramway lines.

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Caen had several main and branch railway lines linking Caen railway station to all parts of Normandy with lines to Paris, Vire, Flers, Cabourg, Houlgate, Deauville, Saint-Lo, Bayeux and Cherbourg.

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Caen is served by the large port of Ouistreham, lying at the mouth of the Caen Canal where it meets the English Channel.

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Caen is connected to the rest of France by motorways to Paris, Brittany and Southern France and to Le Mans and central France .

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Theatre de Caen is the home of the Baroque musical ensemble Les Arts Florissants.

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From 1947 to 2006, Caen was a stage of the Tour de France a total of 15 times.

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In 2014, Caen was the location of the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games.

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Today, Caen has no motto, but it used to have one, which did not survive the French Revolution.

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Caen has an oceanic climate that is somewhat ameliorated due to its slightly inland position.

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