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Caiera is taken from her timeline to battle Ultron and then a Doombot, and subsequently teams up with the modern day Avengers to battle Moridun who had possessed Wiccan.

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Caiera is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Caiera was born on Sakaar to a tribe of Shadow People, the creators of the Old Power.

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Caiera is sent to kill the Hulk, but they encounter spikes during their battle.

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Caiera turns against the Red King and aids the Hulk in a coup.

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Caiera becomes pregnant but dies in the warp core explosion which laid waste to much of the planet.

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Caiera possessed abilities that were derived from the planet itself.

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Caiera appears in the animated direct-to-video film Planet Hulk, voiced by Lisa Ann Beley.

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Caiera follows the Red King loyally because he saved her from the Spikes that destroyed her village and her family.

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Caiera then goes on to become the Queen Consort to Hulk, who accepts his new role as the new King of Sakaar.

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Caiera is presented as an amalgam of Jessica's actual mother and the woman who adopted her in the comics.

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Caiera's name comes from Alisa Bendis, wife of Brian Michael Bendis, creator of the comic book character Jessica Jones.

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Caiera is revealed to have survived the car accident but is horribly disfigured.

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Caiera is Arnim Zola's genetic-engineered son seen during the 2015 Secret Wars crossover event.

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Caiera eventually meets the man she is supposed to marry, but he and Rosalie's father are killed by her uncle Sal, the supervillain Thorn.

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Caiera is taken along with four criminal figures John Hammer, Everett Starr, Latimer Zyl, and Sophia Carter to a fancy restaurant in Hell's Kitchen called the Red Fish Blue Restaurant where they're seated around a circular table for several hours.

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Caiera was exclusively referred to in the solicitations as "Bible John", and the use of that nickname was established in the first issue.

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Caiera was shortly thereafter contacted by and joined the Cathari.

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Caiera's vision gives him the knowledge that Blade is the only one who can prevent the events from coming true.

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Caiera was originally intended to appear in Blade: The Series but was eventually scrapped.

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Caiera is a thief and con man who worked his way up the corporate ladder, eventually rising to a trusted position.

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Caiera was finally defeated by a combined effort between Octavius and Spider-Man.

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Caiera is foiled by Spider-Man, who defeats him and hands him over to the police.

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Caiera was one of Victor Von Doom's associates at Von Doom Industries.

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Caiera was killed by a bolt of lightning through his chest after he told Victor to go back to Latveria.

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Caiera was created by Scott Lobdell and first appeared in Alpha Flight vol.

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Caiera possessed all their memories and instinctively used the knowledge he needed.

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Caiera was sometimes seen levitating while in a deep meditative trance.

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Caiera had a symbiotic rapport with Parallax, an entity which bound the multiple personalities of Century into a unified self.

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Caiera started a mission to track down Lore, but during inter-dimensional travel, he was enslaved by Broker and brainwashed.

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Caiera soon became a "scout" for the evil alien race of the Scatter, which bought him from Broket.

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Caiera was next to be brought to the Vault but escaped and teleported to Iron Man.

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Caiera was then freed by Azimuth, that was next to reveal the truth on his origins and life, but she was stricken by an energy blast of Imogen and fell comatose.

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Caiera was shown to have greater than human strength, agility, and endurance.

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Caiera has the power to control others' minds, which is amplified by a mystic crystal.

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Caiera decides to become a mercenary criminal-for-hire, incorporating his love of gambling into his work.

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Caiera ends up knocked down by Parker using the moves he learned from Shang-Chi.

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Caiera ended up being correct, as Chewie laid 117 eggs that all immediately hatched.

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Caiera is portrayed by four different cats: Archie, Reggie, Rizzo and Gonzo.

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Caiera accompanies them on their Quinjet to Louisiana where they go to Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica Rambeau's house so Danvers can remember her past.

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Caiera assisted the self-styled heir of Apocalypse, Genesis, with Wolverine's capture when Genesis wanted to brainwash Wolverine to be his first Horseman.

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Caiera is approached by the Red Queen to join her Sisterhood of Mutants.

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Caiera is a metamorph who can grow wings, claws, and other parts.

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Caiera's strength is in the same class as the Hulk, as he was able to fight him for some time.

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Caiera was defeated by Spider-Man and sentenced to juvenile hall.

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Caiera manages to resist the commands to kill his friends and is able to help turn the tables on his brainwasher and complete the interrupted mission to destroy a weapons plant.

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Caiera turns the family business into a string of car dealerships, which he eventually passes down to his sons.

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Caiera's weaponry tends to consist of grenades and machine guns.

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Caiera's mission was to blow up X-Force's headquarters in order to kill Cable, but she became attached to the team members, fell in love with Cable and didn't go through with her mission.

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Caiera then moved in with Garrison Kane in San Francisco, until Cable found them.

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Caiera was captured by the emotion-manipulating Psycho-Man, who sought Kane's advanced technology, but was rescued from the Microverse by Kane, Cable, Domino and the Microverse's resident heroes, the Microns.

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Caiera tried to warn her, so Weapon X sent Kane to kill the both of them.

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Caiera is capable of turning into animals, finding these forms easier to maintain than human shape.

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Caiera served alongside other members such as Madison Jeffries and Spyne.

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Caiera was often referred to as Sister Vanessa or Sister Carlysle.

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Caiera is Anya Corazon's father of Puerto Rican descent, as well as Sofia Corazon's widower.

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Caiera is Anya Corazon's mother of Mexican descent, as well as Gil Corazon's wife.

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Caiera is an ancient berserker, dressing like a barbarian and old enough to remember Mithras.

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Caiera's body has natural weapons, including hair coiled into whip-like braids, fangs, and gauntlet-covered claws.

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Caiera was quickly defeated, and Masked Marvel eventually became Spider-Man.

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Caiera was a member of the Savage Crims, a New York street gang, as a young man.

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Caiera tried to persuade Blackwing and Jack O'Lantern to help him free Mother Night from the police.

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Caiera realized that Diamondback was his sister, Rachel, and revealed his true identity to her.

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Caiera helped them fight the New Avengers but was defeated by Doctor Strange.

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Caiera joins with the Hood's gang in an attack on the New Avengers, who were expecting the Dark Avengers instead.

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