10 Facts About Caloundra


Caloundra is a coastal town and the southernmost town in the Sunshine Coast Region in South East Queensland, Australia.

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The name Caloundra is from the Gubbi Gubbi language Cullowundoor with Kal Owen meaning 'beech tree' and Dha meaning 'place'.

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Caloundra Head was previously known as Petrie Point and Point Wickham.

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The first allotments of land in Caloundra were advertised for public auction on 28 August 1883.

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Caloundra was active in community groups such as the RSL Women's Auxiliary and a founder of the Caloundra Branch of the Queensland Country Women's Association and the local branch of the Red Cross.

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Caloundra Library opened in 1986 with a major refurbishment in 2017.

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Caloundra is not strictly defined, but the boundary used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for census purposes and the urban zone defined by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council almost exactly coincide.

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Region of the Sunshine Coast, including Caloundra, is serviced by the Sunshine Coast Airport, located at Marcoola.

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Caloundra's suburbs are served by Sunbus Sunshine Coast, who operate the Caloundra bus station in Cooma Terrace in the CBD.

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Caloundra has a variety of beaches, providing amenity to the local residents and tourists.

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