12 Facts About Canisius College


Canisius College offers more than 100 undergraduate majors and minors, and around 34 master's and certificate programs.

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Canisius College has its roots in the Jesuit community that arose from disputed ownership of St Louis Church in Buffalo in 1851.

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The AAUP recommended that Canisius College be added to its list of sanctioned institutions due to "substantial noncompliance with standards of academic government".

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Parking ramp originally served the Sears and Roebuck building at 1901 Main St However, throughout the history of ramp, Canisius College students have used it for parking, with Sears advertising in The Griffin student newspaper that parking was free.

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Canisius College offers more than 100 majors, minors, and special programs.

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In fall 2009, Canisius College introduced a new major in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation.

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Canisius College alumni ranked first, overall, in New York State on the 2014 CPA exam cycle, with a 75 percent pass rate, in the category of medium programs.

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Canisius College has on campus about 90 clubs and organizations, vetted by the Undergraduate Student Association and its senators.

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Canisius College sponsors 20 NCAA Division 1 Athletic teams and is a member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference as well as the Atlantic Hockey Conference.

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The college adopted the Griffin as a mascot in 1932, after Charles A Brady wrote a story in a Canisius publication honoring Buffalo's centennial year as a city.

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Canisius College was the first home field of the Buffalo All-Americans of the early National Football League.

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Canisius College is the Reserve Officer Training Corps hub for Western New York.

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