13 Facts About Canterbury Cathedral


Eitherway, Canterbury Cathedral was therefore a relative late-comer to English Christianity.

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Canterbury Cathedral was sent by Pope Gregory I in 596 as a missionary to the English.

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Canterbury Cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1067, a year after the Norman Conquest.

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Canterbury Cathedral cleared the ruins and reconstructed the cathedral to a design based closely on that of the Abbey of Saint-Etienne in Caen, where he had previously been abbot, using stone brought from France.

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Canterbury Cathedral was seriously damaged by the 1382 Dover Straits earthquake, losing its bells and campanile.

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Canterbury Cathedral ceased to be an abbey during the Dissolution of the Monasteries when all religious houses were suppressed.

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Canterbury Cathedral is the Regimental Church of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.

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Much of the stonework at Canterbury Cathedral is damaged and crumbling, the roofs are leaking and much of the stained glass is badly corroded.

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Canterbury Cathedral uses "Vice Dean" not of one particular appointee, but to refer to the Canon in Residence for each month.

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Canterbury Cathedral receives no government or state funding and only occasional grants from English Heritage.

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Organ at Canterbury Cathedral is of four manuals and is in both south and the north quire aisles, as well as a nave division.

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Organists and assistant organists at Canterbury Cathedral have included composers Clement Charlton Palmer, Gerald Hocken Knight and Philip Moore and musical directors Allan Wicks and Stephen Darlington.

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Girls' Choir of Canterbury Cathedral was founded in 2014 and their first performance at Evensong, in January, was attended by more than 600 people and widely covered by the international press.

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