17 Facts About Captain Toad

1. Captain Toad makes a few cameo appearances via the video series The Cat Mario Show that feature on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U's eShop.

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2. Captain Toad stars in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker as the primary protagonist.

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3. Captain Toad makes a reappearance in Super Mario Odyssey as a non-playable character while wearing the same outfit as in Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

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4. Captain Toad is seen in a series of courses throughout Super Mario 3D World known as The Adventures of Captain Toad.

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5. Captain Toad appears as the self-proclaimed captain of the Toad Brigade.

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6. Captain Toad earns his own starring role in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, which revolves around a tale of the hard-working Toad going out of his way to stop a massive bird from taking away both his treasure and his friend Toadette.

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7. Captain Toad is a character who first appears in Super Mario Galaxy.

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8. Captain Toad can use Super Pickax to clear out enemies and obstacle blocks, that is similar to the hammer in Donkey Kong.

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9. Captain Toad looks like a small man with a mushroom-like hat.

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10. Captain Toad is not the sole player character in the game.

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11. Captain Toad ranked in the seventh slot on GameDaily's top 10 Nintendo characters that deserve their own games list; the site explained that he has a strong appeal that Nintendo has yet to tap into.

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12. Captain Toad appears in the sequel, Mario Super Sluggers, again as a team member along with other differently colored toads.

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13. Captain Toad has appeared in many of the various Mario spin-off games.

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14. Captain Toad appears in Super Paper Mario in 3 aspects of the game.

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15. The most prominent trait of a Captain Toad is its large head that resembles a mushroom in shape and color—historically speculated as them wearing a mushroom hat, but eventually ruled out by Japanese video game designer Yoshiaki Koizumi.

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16. Captain Toad must then go through stages collecting Power Stars to reach Wingo and save Toadette.

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17. Captain Toad explores clever 3D diorama-like levels, walking around while the player rotates the camera and tries to guide him to the goal.

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