30 Facts About Carter Page

1. Carter Page admitted meeting Andrey Baranov, the head of Rosneft's investor relations, in a bar.

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2. Carter Page worked for the investment bank Merrill Lynch in Moscow, before returning to New York in 2008 to set up an oil and gas consultancy.

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3. Carter Page was a little-known oil consultant who lived and worked in Moscow when he joined Trump's campaign in March 2016.

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4. Carter Page was a little known investment banker when Mr Trump announced him as a member of his foreign policy advisory team early last year.

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5. Carter Page worked with Yatsenko on helping a Russian investor explore an oil investment in Iraqi Kurdistan, and advised a Chinese investor looking to buy Russian oil assets in Eastern Siberia.

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6. Carter Page is a frequent lecturer and writer on energy sector development in emerging markets.

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7. In 2008, Carter Page founded Global Energy Capital LLC, a New York-based financial institution and investment fund focused on energy investments in developing markets.

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8. In 2000, Carter Page accepted a position with Merrill Lynch and worked as an investment banker with the company for seven years, rising to the position of chief operating officer of the energy and power group.

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9. Carter Page is at the center of a controversial memo from Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, released this week.

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10. Carter Page acknowledged that Russian officials wanted to discuss easing sanctions while he was advising the Trump campaign, but he said he heard "not one word" about "compromising material" they might have had on Clinton.

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11. The FBI was of the belief that Carter Page was acting as an agent for Russia, despite his denial of any wrongdoings.

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12. Carter Page was the go-between meant to relay this blunt message to Trump.

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13. In 2014 Carter Page had written a sycophantic piece that lauded Sechin for his "great accomplishments.

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14. Carter Page was someone who might give sharper definition to the candidate's views on future US–Russian relations.

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15. In 2004 Carter Page moved to Moscow, where he became an energy consultant with Merrill Lynch.

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16. In 1998 Carter Page spent three months working for the Eurasia Group, a strategy consulting firm.

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17. Carter Page responded by angrily accusing his examiners of "anti-Russian bias".

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18. On September 26, 2016, Carter Page stepped down from Trump's campaign.

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19. Carter Page was a Trident Scholar and distinguished graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

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20. Carter Page is the founder and a managing partner of Global Energy Capital LLC and has served as a fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Center for National Policy.

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21. Carter Page declined to discuss a report by The New York Times that a classified memo prepared by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee will reveal that Rosenstein, a Trump appointee, approved an FBI application for an extension of the surveillance warrant last spring.

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22. Carter Page told Politico he has filed a freedom of information act request to the DOJ inquiring about FBI surveillance of him.

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23. Carter Page is an American oil industry expert and is an outside approach counselor to Donald trump during his 2016 presidential battle.

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24. Carter Page testified that he did not "directly" express support for lifting the sanctions during the meeting with Baranov, but that he might have mentioned the proposed Rosneft transaction.

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25. Carter Page testified that after delivering a commencement speech at the New Economic School in Moscow, he spoke briefly with one of the people in attendance, Arkady Dvorkovich, a Deputy Prime Minister in Dmitry Medvedev's cabinet, contradicting his previous statements not to have spoken to anyone connected with the Russian government.

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26. In October 2017, Carter Page said he would not cooperate with requests to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee and would assert his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

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27. Carter Page responded to a question about his contact with Trump saying, "I've certainly been in a number of meetings with him and I've learned a tremendous amount from him.

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28. Carter Page graduated with a BS degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1993; he graduated with distinction and was chosen for the Navy's Trident Scholar program, which gives selected officers the opportunity for independent academic research and study.

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29. Carter Page was raised in Poughkeepsie, New York, and graduated from Poughkeepsie's Our Lady of Lourdes High School in 1989.

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30. Carter Page is the founder and managing partner of Global Energy Capital, a one-man investment fund and consulting firm specializing in the Russian and Central Asian oil and gas business.

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