17 Facts About Celebrimbor


Celebrimbor is a fictional character in JR R Tolkien's legendarium.

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Celebrimbor's name means "silver fist" or "hand of silver" in Tolkien's invented language of Sindarin.

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In Tolkien's stories, Celebrimbor was an elven-smith who was manipulated into forging the Rings of Power by the Dark Lord Sauron, in fair disguise and named Annatar.

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Celebrimbor appears in the 2014 video game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and its 2017 sequel, where he is voiced by Alastair Duncan.

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Celebrimbor was the son of Curufin, fifth son of Feanor and Nerdanel, and Feanor's only known grandchild.

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Celebrimbor became friends with Narvi, a great Dwarf-craftsman, and together they made the West-gate of Khazad-dum.

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Celebrimbor appeared to be an Elf, and claimed he has been sent by the Valar to share his wisdom and skills in ring-craft and jewelry for the benefit of all Middle-earth; but in fact he was the Dark Lord Sauron in disguise.

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Secretly, without Sauron's knowledge, Celebrimbor forged three Rings for the Elves, the greatest and fairest of the Rings of Power.

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Celebrimbor had already sent the three Rings away for safekeeping.

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Celebrimbor was captured in the sack of Eregion, and was forced under torture to disclose where the Nine and the Seven were held, but he would not reveal the whereabouts of the three Elvish Rings.

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Celebrimbor died from his torment; his body, shot with arrows, was then hung upon a pole and used by Sauron's forces like a banner on the battlefield.

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Celebrimbor was of the royal line of Finwe, high king of the Noldor, the elves especially skilled in craftwork who migrated to Valinor and lived in the blessed realm.

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Celebrimbor appears in the 2014 video game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor where he is voiced by Alastair Duncan.

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Talion survives by becoming a Nazgul, and Celebrimbor is defeated when forced out of Eltariel and is quickly absorbed by Sauron trapping both of them in the form of a large flaming eye on top of Barad-dur.

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Celebrimbor remains trapped as part of the Dark Lord until the One Ring is destroyed, freeing the spirit as Sauron dies.

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Celebrimbor's Secret is the title of an expansion, part of "The Ring-maker Cycle" series, for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, a non-collectible customizable card game produced by Fantasy Flight Games.

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Celebrimbor is played by the English actor Charles Edwards in the 2022 television series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

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