23 Facts About One Ring


One Ring, called the Ruling Ring and Isildur's Bane, is a central plot element in JR R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

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One Ring was forged by the Dark Lord Sauron during the Second Age to gain dominion over the free peoples of Middle-earth.

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One Ring seemed to be made simply of gold, but it was completely impervious to damage, even to dragon fire.

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One Ring destroyed Eregion and killed Celebrimbor, the maker of the three Elf-rings.

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Sauron's body was destroyed in the Fall of Numenor, but his spirit travelled back to Middle-earth and wielded the One Ring in renewed war against the Last Alliance of Elves and Men.

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Since the One Ring indirectly caused Isildur's death, it was known in Gondorian lore as "Isildur's Bane".

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One Ring remained hidden on the river bed for almost two and a half millennia, until it was discovered on a fishing trip by a Stoor hobbit named Deagol.

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The One Ring manipulated Gollum into hiding in a cave under the Misty Mountains near Mirkwood, where Sauron was beginning to resurface.

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The Ring eventually abandoned Gollum, knowing it would never leave the cave whilst he bore it.

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One Ring therefore revised The Hobbit: in the second edition, after losing the Riddle Game to Bilbo, Gollum went to get his "Precious" to help him kill and eat Bilbo, but found the Ring missing.

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Sauron tortured and interrogated him, learning that the Ring had been found and was held by one "Baggins" in the land of "Shire".

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One Ring began to strain Bilbo, leaving him feeling "stretched-out and thin", so he decided to leave the Shire, intending to pass the One Ring to his adopted heir Frodo Baggins.

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One Ring briefly gave in to the Ring's power, even calling it "my precious"; alarmed, Gandalf spoke harshly to his old friend to persuade him to give it up, which Bilbo did, becoming the first Ring-bearer to surrender it willingly.

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At that moment, Gollum bit off his finger, taking back the One Ring, but, gloating, he and the One Ring fell into the fires of Mount Doom.

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Mortal wearing the One Ring became effectively invisible except to those able to perceive the non-physical world, with only a thin, shaky shadow discernible in the brightest sunlight.

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One Ring extended the life of a mortal possessor indefinitely, preventing natural aging.

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The One Ring did not protect its bearer from destruction; Gollum perished in the Crack of Doom, and Sauron's body was destroyed in the downfall of Numenor.

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When Sam encountered an Orc in the Tower of Cirith Ungol while holding the One Ring, he appeared to the terrified Orc as a powerful warrior cloaked in shadow "[holding] some nameless menace of power and doom".

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One Ring stated that had the Second World War "inspired or directed the development of the legend" as an allegory, then the fate of the Ring, and of Middle-earth, would have been very different:.

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In contrast, Tolkien's One Ring actively exerts an evil force that destroys the morality of the wearer.

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The One Ring needs to be destroyed to save Middle-earth itself from destruction or domination by Sauron.

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One Ring offers power to its wearer, and progressively corrupts the wearer's mind to evil.

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Tabletop roleplaying game set in Middle-earth and called "The One Ring" was manufactured by Cubicle 7; a new edition is planned by a partnership of Sophisticated Games and Free League Publishing from 2020.

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