15 Facts About Chapel Royal


Chapel Royal is an establishment in the Royal Household serving the spiritual needs of the sovereign and the British Royal Family.

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Chapel Royal'storically it was a body of priests and singers that travelled with the monarch.

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The Dean of His Majesty's Chapels Royal is a royal household office that in modern times is usually held by the Bishop of London.

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The choir consists of Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal singing the lower parts alongside the boy choristers known as the Children of the Chapel.

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Chapel Royal remained stable throughout the reign of Henry VIII and the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

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Chapel Royal achieved its greatest eminence during the reign of Elizabeth I, when William Byrd and Thomas Tallis were joint organists.

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The Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal had, until at least 1684, the power to impress promising boy trebles from provincial choirs for service in the chapel.

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The theatre company affiliated with the chapel, known as the Children of the Chapel Royal, produced plays at court and then commercially until the 1620s by playwrights including John Lyly, Ben Jonson and George Chapman.

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The English Chapel Royal became increasingly associated with Westminster Abbey, so that by 1625 over half of the Gentlemen of the English Chapel Royal were members of the Westminster Abbey choir.

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Chapel Royal is a department of the Ecclesiastical Household, which was established in 1483, under Edward IV, as the Royal Free Chapel of the Household.

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The Chapel Royal is a grouping of clerics and musicians, rather than a physical building.

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Traditionally, the members of the Chapel Royal are divided into clerics, choristers, and gentlemen of the chapel.

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The Chapel Royal is a royal peculiar ; it is one of the three major royal peculiars, the others being Westminster Abbey and the St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle .

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Chapel Royal conducts the Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall and combines with the choir of the host abbey or cathedral at the Royal Maundy service.

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The large window to the right of the Palace gatehouse is in the north wall of this Chapel Royal which is laid out on a north-south rather than the usual east-west axis.

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