33 Facts About Chelmsford


Chelmsford is a city in the City of Chelmsford district in the county of Essex, England.

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Chelmsford was significantly involved in the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, and King Richard II moved on to the town after quelling the rebellion in London.

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Chelmsford was attended by his council, headed by the temporary Chancellor.

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Chelmsford was apparently so upset that he could not find a newspaper on a Sunday that he wrote in a letter to a friend that Chelmsford was "the dullest and most stupid place on earth".

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In 1914 Chelmsford's church became a cathedral and the town got its own bishop.

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Chelmsford is at the geographic and political centre of Essex and has been the county town since 1215.

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Originally an agricultural and market town, Chelmsford has been an important centre for industry since the 19th century.

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Chelmsford has a vibrant nightlife scene with many pubs, late night bars and restaurant establishments in the city centre area.

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Chelmsford was later called the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company Ltd.

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In 1922, the world's first regular wireless broadcasts for entertainment began from the Marconi laboratories at Writtle near Chelmsford – Call sign '2MT' in what was little more than a wooden hut.

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In 1999, Marconi's defence division, including the Chelmsford facilities, was purchased by British Aerospace to form BAE Systems.

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Chelmsford became home to the United Kingdom's first electrical engineering works established by Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton.

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Chelmsford installed electric street lights in the town centre to celebrate the incorporation of the Borough of Chelmsford in 1888.

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Chelmsford manufactured electrical switchgear, alternators and generators for many power stations in the UK and worldwide.

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Only connection to the company name in Chelmsford today is the RHP Bowls club located on part of the old Hoffmans Social Club site at Canterbury Way and Hoffmans Way at the corner of the old factory site at New Street and Rectory Lane.

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Chelmsford was first registered as a separate company in Chelmsford, Essex in 1947 under Serge Aisenstein.

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Chelmsford has received 13 Queen's Awards for Technology in its history, most recently in 2006 for low light imaging devices and in 2004 for thyratrons for cancer radiotherapy treatment.

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Chelmsford is 25 to 30 minutes' drive from Stansted Airport, and London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London City, Luton and Southend airports are all within reach.

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Since 2 September 2013, to save money and reduce carbon emissions, many streets lights in the Chelmsford district switched over to Essex County Council's part-night street lighting scheme.

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Proposals for a bypass of Chelmsford connecting the A12 interchange at Boreham and the A131 were put forward for public consultation by Essex County Council in 2006, the preferred route was announced in March 2007.

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Chelmsford Museum in Oaklands Park, off Moulsham Street, is a local history and industrial heritage museum which incorporates the Essex Regiment Museum.

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One of the oldest and most prominent buildings in Chelmsford, it was built as a courthouse and there has been a court on the site since at least 1199.

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Chelmsford Prison is a male prison and Young Offenders Institution, constructed in 1830.

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Chelmsford has two rivers, the River Can and the River Chelmer.

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Chelmsford College is the main provider of further education in the city.

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Chelmsford is served by London and East Anglia regional variations of the BBC and ITV1.

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Chelmsford has its own Film Festival which was initially set up in 2017 by a few filmmakers and business owners who live in the Chelmsford area.

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In May 2022, Chelmsford hosted its first street art festival, Concrete Canvas.

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Chelmsford Cathedral is the second smallest cathedral in England after Derby Cathedral.

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The Diocese of Chelmsford was established in 1914 from part of the Diocese of St Albans.

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Chelmsford is situated in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brentwood and the two dioceses are now uniquely conterminous.

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Chelmsford is one of the largest settlements in England without a Football League team.

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Chelmsford Hockey Club is a men's and ladies' field hockey club based in the city.

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