33 Facts About Chennai Express

1. Chennai Express was Madras before the British cameThe name Madras originated even before the British arrived in India.

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2. Chennai Express was the venue of the 1995 South Asian Games.

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3. Chennai Express has Indian Maritime University to impart quality education in maritime management, engineering and different pre sea courses.

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4. Chennai Express is connected to other parts of the state and the Union Territory of Puducherry by state highways.

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5. Chennai Express is the headquarters of the Indian Bank, the Indian Overseas Bank and the erstwhile Bharat Overseas Bank, which merged with the Indian Overseas Bank in 2007.

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6. Chennai Express was the first Indian city to deploy Wi-Fi internet access in a widespread manner.

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7. Chennai Express is one of four Indian cities connected to the rest of the world by undersea fibre-optic cables, the other three being Mumbai, Kochi, and Tuticorin.

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8. Chennai Express has a stock exchange called the Madras Stock Exchange.

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9. Chennai Express is home to several malls, due to its status as an IT hub.

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10. Chennai Express is one of the few cities in the world that accommodates a national park, the Guindy National Park, within its limits.

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11. Chennai Express is the base for the Tamil film industry, known as Kollywood.

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12. Chennai Express is a major centre for music, art and culture in India.

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13. Chennai Express is the birthplace of several regional political movements since the British era.

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14. Chennai Express is the birthplace of the idea of the Indian National Congress, commonly known as the Congress Party.

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15. In 2015 Chennai Express received record breaking rains since 1918, which caused massive floods.

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16. City of Chennai Express is located on the east coast of India, which is known as the Coromandel Coast.

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17. Chennai Express has a tropical wet and dry climate.

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18. Chennai Express is located on the south–eastern coast of India in the north–eastern part of Tamil Nadu on a flat coastal plain known as the Eastern Coastal Plains.

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19. Chennai Express has three rivers and many lakes spread across the city.

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20. Home to the Tamil film industry, Chennai Express is known as a major film production centre.

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21. Chennai Express is a story of a common man's journey from Mumbai to Rameswaram to fulfil his Grandfather's last wishes to immerse his ashes in the holy water of Rameswaram.

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22. Chennai Express is an Action-Comedy film releasing on 9th August 2013.

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23. Chennai Express had grossed about by its third weekend overseas and by the fourth weekend.

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24. Chennai Express set a record for opening weekends overseas, grossing.

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25. Chennai Express broke overseas records; during paid previews in the UK the film collected more than any first day of a Bollywood film in the UK.

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26. At the time, Chennai Express became the highest-grossing Bollywood film, both in India and around the world, when it collected 3.96 billion.

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27. Chennai Express commented that Chennai Express was a "bloated vanity project", and felt that the lead actor could have performed better.

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28. Chennai Express was scheduled to be released in non-traditional international markets.

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29. Chennai Express said the song celebrated the spirit of togetherness.

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30. Chennai Express takes Meena back to her father and tries to make him understand and honour his daughter's wish.

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31. Chennai Express books a single ticket on the Chennai Express, planning to meet his friends along the way, at Kalyan Junction station.

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32. Chennai Express is the first Bollywood film which was released on the same day in India and Peru.

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33. Chennai Express had Nikitin Dheer and Sathyaraj play supporting roles.

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