6 Facts About Christopher Chope

1. On 23 November 2018, Christopher Chope objected to a bill which would have amended the Children Act 1989 in order to increase the protective power of courts over girls at risk of female genital mutiliation.

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2. On 16 July 2018, Christopher Chope blocked a motion calling for the House of Commons chamber to be used for a Women MPs of the World Conference on a day in November when MPs were not sitting.

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3. On 15 June 2018, Christopher Chope blocked the passage of a private member's bill that would have made upskirting a specific offence.

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4. In November 2014, Christopher Chope blocked a bill that would have banned the use of wild animals in circus performances, on the basis that a bill on EU membership should have been called before the bill.

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5. In December 2013, Christopher Chope objected to the second reading of the Alan Turing Bill in the House of Commons.

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6. On 10 February 2009, Christopher Chope co-sponsored an Employment Opportunities Bill to the House of Commons, which would have enabled workers to opt out of the minimum wage.

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