32 Facts About Clara Oswald


Clara Oswald is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and portrayed by Jenna Coleman in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

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Clara Oswald is one of the longest-serving companions in the show's history.

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Clara Oswald is initially presented to the audience during the seventh series as three distinct, though similarly named, people living in different eras.

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Clara Oswald continues to travel with the Doctor after the mystery is resolved at the end of the series, witnessing him regenerate into his twelfth incarnation in "The Time of the Doctor".

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Clara Oswald reappears briefly in the Christmas special "Twice Upon a Time".

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Oswin Clara Oswald is introduced in the series 7 premiere, "Asylum of the Daleks".

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Clara Oswald is the sole survivor of the starship Alaska, which crashed on the Asylum, a prison planet for insane Daleks.

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Clara Oswald is a Victorian barmaid and governess whom the Doctor invites to be his newest companion, but who dies from an attack by one of the Great Intelligence's minions.

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In "The Bells of Saint John", Clara Oswald receives a phone number to the Doctor's time and space vessel, the TARDIS, from a mysterious woman.

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The mystery surrounding Clara Oswald is finally resolved in "The Name of the Doctor" when she sacrifices her existence by entering the Doctor's timestream to undo the harm caused by the Great Intelligence.

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One version of Clara Oswald successfully persuades the First Doctor to pick the "right" TARDIS on his home planet Gallifrey, prior to the events of the show's first episode.

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In "The Day of the Doctor", the show's 50th anniversary special, Clara Oswald is shown to have become a teacher at Coal Hill School.

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Clara Oswald manages to convince the War Doctor to change his history, by sealing the planet in a "parallel pocket universe", where it remains.

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Clara Oswald spends some time grappling with losing the Doctor she knew and loved throughout the events of "Deep Breath", until a call from the Eleventh Doctor prior to his regeneration convinces her to stay by his side and help him adjust to his new persona.

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The Doctor lies to Clara Oswald; he pretends he has found Gallifrey and a home to go back to.

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Clara Oswald confesses that Danny is still dead, and the Doctor admits he did not find Gallifrey.

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The Doctor asks Clara Oswald to resume travelling with him, and she happily agrees.

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In series 9, Clara Oswald accompanies Missy and the Doctor to Skaro when he is summoned by Davros, barely escaping the ordeal with her life.

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Clara Oswald's recklessness gets the better of her in "Face the Raven", when she attempts to outsmart the Doctor's adversary Ashildr by taking on a death sentence, but later learns that it cannot be revoked.

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Clara Oswald is seen once more in the following episode "Heaven Sent", as a grief-stricken Doctor imagines conversations with her to clarify his ideas.

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Clara Oswald later realizes from Ashildr that traveling together will only cause more harm than good, and prepares to wipe Clara's memories of him with a device.

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Clara Oswald appears in a short prelude to "The Bells of Saint John" as a child who talks to the Doctor at a playground.

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Clara Oswald appeared briefly in issues 11 and 12 of IDW 50th anniversary Doctor Who mini-series "Prisoners of Time".

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Clara Oswald appears as an “In Peril” character where the player has to solve a puzzle to rescue her.

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Clara Oswald auditioned for the role in secrecy, pretending it was for something called Men on Waves, an anagram for "Woman Seven".

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Clara Oswald originally thought that the producers were looking for the right character, but later realised it was part of Moffat's "soft mystery" plan.

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Moffat told Neil Cross, who wrote "Hide", the first episode Coleman filmed as the new companion, that Clara Oswald was "a normal girl".

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Smith said that Clara Oswald was different from her predecessor Amy Pond, which allowed the audience to see a different side of the Doctor.

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Clara Oswald helps the Doctor recover at a dark point in his life, as Rose does during a much darker time; both companions lose a parent; each has a close relationship with the Doctor, who sees part of their childhood.

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Clara Oswald praised the mystery surrounding her and her independence, commenting that she seemed to be the "antithesis" of Amy Pond as she was "a girl who will wait for no-one".

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Dave Golder of SFX stated that Clara Oswald was "to an extent, a bit of a cartoon character" and that Moffat was better at writing her in "The Name of the Doctor" than some of the preceding writers.

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Clara Oswald commented that she "still feels too new a companion to really care about her sacrifice".

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