14 Facts About First Doctor


The First Doctor describes himself and Susan as "exiles" without specifying why or even whether their exile is self-imposed.

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When Susan fell in love with the human resistance fighter David Campbell, the First Doctor left her behind to allow her to build a life for herself on 22nd century Earth, although he promised to return some day.

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The Doctor met another member of his own race for the first time in the form of the Meddling Monk and had an adventure in Galaxy 4.

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The First Doctor was then joined by upper-class secretary Polly and sailor Ben Jackson.

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When proven wrong after accusing Ian and Barbara of sabotaging the TARDIS in The Edge of Destruction, the First Doctor humbly apologised, especially after seeing that Barbara had been hurt by his accusations.

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The First Doctor realised he could rely on Ian and Barbara, sealing a friendship which lasts until their eventual departure from the TARDIS, with the relationship between the First Doctor and Barbara being mutually respectful and increasingly affectionate.

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One quirk of the First Doctor was his tendency to become occasionally tongue-tied and stumble over words.

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In "Twice Upon a Time", the First Doctor expressed to a variation of his future companion Bill Potts that he had left Gallifrey, among other reasons, to investigate why good prevails in a universe where evil would seem to have so many advantages.

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In "An Unearthly Child", he was seen smoking a large bent tobacco pipe, making him the only incarnation of the First Doctor to be seen smoking; it is assumed that he gave up after that serial.

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In "The Name of the Doctor", which combined stock footage of Hartnell with Carole Ann Ford in CGI and newly shot footage, the First Doctor is depicted stealing the TARDIS in its original form.

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In "The Day of the First Doctor", Hartnell is shown along with the other twelve doctors as they move Gallifrey to a single moment in time.

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In "The Big Bang", the Eleventh Doctor briefly mentions the First while bidding his farewell to a sleeping Amy Pond, referring to him as "the daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away".

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Twelfth Doctor refers to his first incarnation's initial lack of altruism prior to meeting the Daleks in "Into the Dalek".

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Portrait of the First Doctor is hanging in a UNIT safe house in "The Zygon Invasion".

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