10 Facts About Monk


Monk authored the Rule of St Benedict, which is the foundation for the Order of St Benedict and all of its reform groups such as the Cistercians and the Trappists.

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Monk founded the great Benedictine monastery, Monte Cassino, in 529.

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Monk initiated the Dissolution of the Monasteries, during which all of the monasteries within England were destroyed.

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Monk is given a prayer rope and instructed in the use of the Jesus Prayer.

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Monk is then given the outer cassock —an outer robe with wide sleeves, something like the cowl used in the West, but without a hood—from which the name of Rassophore is derived.

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Monk is given a brimless hat with a veil, known as a klobuk, and a leather belt is fastened around his waist.

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Monk's habit is usually black, signifying that he is dead to the world, and he receives a new name.

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Monk is given a wooden hand cross, which he should keep in his icon corner, and a beeswax candle, symbolic of monastic vigilance the sacrificing of himself for God.

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Monk will be buried holding the cross, and the candle will be burned at his funeral.

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Monk appointed a monk for each matha or monastery who has the right to worship Madhvacharya's murti of Lord Krishna by rotation.

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