6 Facts About Lord Krishna

1. Story of Lord Krishna occurs in the Jataka tales in Buddhism.

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2. In other Jain texts, Lord Krishna is stated to be a cousin of the twenty-second Tirthankara, Neminatha.

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3. The most elaborate temple arts of Lord Krishna are found in a series of Krsnayana reliefs in the Prambanan Hindu temple complex near Yogyakarta.

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4. The day of birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami.

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5. Since the 1960s, the worship of Lord Krishna has spread to the Western world and to Africa, largely due to the work of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

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6. In some sub-traditions, Lord Krishna is worshipped as Svayam Bhagavan, and this is sometimes referred to as Krishnaism.

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