27 Facts About Mathura


In Hinduism, Mathura is birthplace of Krishna, which is located at the Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex.

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Mathura was the capital of the kingdom of Surasena, ruled by Kansa, the maternal uncle of Krishna.

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Mathura has been chosen as one of the heritage cities for the Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme of Government of India.

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The most important pilgrimage site in Mathura was Katra, now referred to as Krishna Janmasthan ('the birthplace of Krishna').

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Archaeological excavations at Mathura show the gradual growth of a village into an important city during the Vedic age.

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Mathura derived its importance as a center of trade due to its location where the northern trade route of the Indo-Gangetic Plain met with the routes to Malwa and the west coast.

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Archaeologists have discovered a fragment of Mathura red sandstone from Rakhigarhi - a site of Indus Valley civilization dated to third millennium BCE - which was used as a grindstone; red sandstone was a popular material for historic period sculptures.

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The Indo-Scythian satraps of Mathura are sometimes called the "Northern Satraps", as opposed to the "Western Satraps" ruling in Gujarat and Malwa.

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The Mora Well inscription of Mahakshatrapa Rajuvula, of the early decades of the first century CE, found in a village seven miles from Mathura, stated that images pratim of the blessed (bhagavatam) five Vrishni heroes, were installed in a stone shrine of a person called Tosa.

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Mathura ateliers were most active during the epoch of the great Kushan emperors Kanishka, Huvishka, Vasudeva whose reign represents the Golden Age of Mathura sculpture.

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At that moment, though still in Mathura, it appears as if Ganga has merged with Yamuna at the Sangam.

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Mathura found the people were very well off, there were no taxes other than for those on farmers who tilled the royal land.

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Mathura found that people did not kill animals, no one consumed wine, and did not eat onion or garlic.

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Mathura found that engraved title deeds were issued to land owners.

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Famous female Alvar saint, Andal visualized going to a pilgrimage which began at Mathura, then proceeded to Gokul, the Yamuna, the pool of Kaliya, Vrindavan, Govardhan, and finished at Dwarka.

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Mathura was firmly attached to the Mahomedan religion, and made a point of destroying all Hindu temples.

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Mathura forbade the barbers to shave the beards and heads of the inhabitants, in order to prevent the Hindus following their usual practices at such pilgrimages.

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Mathura was so zealous a Musulman that he utterly destroyed divers places of worship of the infidels, and left not a vestige remaining of them.

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Mathura entirely ruined the shrines of Mathura, the mine of heathenism, and turned their principal Hindu places of worship into caravanserais and colleges.

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Mathura thus put an end to all the idolatrous rites of the infidels there; and no Hindu, if he wished to have his head or beard shaved, could get a barber to do it.

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Mathura then undertook a tour of the sacred forests of Braj, and, on his return to Mathura, founded religious establishments and celebrated Holi.

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Mathura is a holy city in Hinduism and is considered the heart of Brij Bhoomi, the land of Krishna.

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Mathura Museum is notable for archaeological artefacts, especially those from the Kushan and Gupta empires.

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Sex ratio of Mathura is 858 females per 1000 males, which has increased from 840.

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Mathura Cantt railway station is a major route for eastern and central railway.

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Mathura's name came to note when a group of ministers terminated the plan of building Taj International Airport at Agra.

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Mathura Refinery located in the city is one of the biggest oil refineries of Asia with a refining capacity of 8.

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