15 Facts About CNET


CNET is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally.

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CNET originally produced content for radio and television in addition to its website and now uses new media distribution methods through its Internet television network, CNET Video, and its podcast and blog networks.

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In 1994, with the help from Fox Network co-founder Kevin Wendle and former Disney creative associate Dan Baker, CNET produced four pilot television programs about computers, technology, and the Internet.

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CNET TV was composed of CNET Central, The Web, and The New Edge.

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CNET Central was created first and aired in syndication in the United States on the USA Network.

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CNET, Inc went public in July 1996 through an initial public offering .

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From 2001 to 2003, CNET operated CNET Radio on the Clear Channel-owned KNEW in the San Francisco Bay Area, WBPS in Boston, and XM Satellite Radio.

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In January 2000, the same time CNET, Inc became CNET Networks, they acquired comparison shopping site mySimon for $736 million.

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In May 2002, CNET Networks acquired Smartshop, an automated product catalog and feature comparison technology company, for an undisclosed amount.

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CNET hosted a memorial show and podcasts dedicated to him.

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In March 2014, CNET refreshed its site by merging with CNET UK and vowing to merge all editions of the agency into a unified agency.

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CNET launched a website to cover video games, CNET Gamecenter, in the middle of 1996.

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In May 2000, CNET founded the Gamecenter Alliance network to bring Gamecenter and four partner websites, including Inside Mac Games, under one banner.

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In January 2013, CNET named Dish Network's "Hopper with Sling" digital video recorder as a nominee for the CES "Best in Show" award, and named it the winner in a vote by the site's staff.

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CNET announced that it could no longer review any product or service provided by companies that CBS are in litigation with .

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