17 Facts About Cotabato City


Cotabato City, officially known as the City of Cotabato, is a third class independent component city in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Philippines.

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Cotabato City was formerly a part and the regional center of Region XII, but due to the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law, it is part of Bangsamoro and serves as the regional center.

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Cotabato City is distinct from and should not be confused with the province of Cotabato.

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The Spanish and the Moro chiefs and locals then had a conference later the same day which stipulated the Maguindanaoan locals of Cotabato City are now subjects of the Spanish Crown but their Islamic beliefs would be respected.

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Cotabato City town was part of Moro Province and of Department of Mindanao and Sulu from 1903 to 1920, when the Empire Province of Cotabato City, referred to as "Moroland" by the Americans, was founded with the town as the capital, with Datu Piang as its first governor.

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City used to be part of the original Province of Cotabato and was its capital from 1920 until 1967, a year after the separation of South Cotabato; since then the city was the administrative center of the ARMM when Maguindanao was carved out in 1973.

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Cotabato City has traditionally resisted efforts for its inclusion to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao despite serving as the government center of the region.

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Cotabato City has 27 urban barangays that are grouped into two major urban areas, the Down Town Area and the Upper Town Area.

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Cotabato City is situated in the lowest portion of Maguindanao province.

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Cotabato City has 27 urban barangays as classified by Philippine Statistics Authority.

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Cotabato City is the commercial, industrial, finance, education, health care and regional center of Bangsamoro Region as well as Central Mindanao.

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Cotabato City is the third highest bank deposits in Mindanao with total of Php 88.

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Cotabato City is one of the fastest growing economy in the Soccsksargen region.

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Cotabato City has different factories for cooking oil, coffee, corn starch, processed food and furniture operating within the city.

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Cotabato City is an Agri-industrial and Eco Tourism Corridor projected by the NEDA Region 12, the primary growth node in this corridor is Cotabato City with Kidapawan City and Midsayap as intermediate urban centers.

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Flights going to Cotabato City can be reached via Cotabato Airport which is currently situated in Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao del Norte, an adjacent town from the city.

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Cotabato City is the health care center of Central Mindanao catering both mainland of Bangsamoro Region and Central Mindanao, Soccsksargen regional hospital is situated in the city named as Cotabato Regional and Medical Center with its 600-bed capacity it has become the largest hospital in the entire region 12.

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