15 Facts About Courtauld Institute


Courtauld Institute of Art, commonly referred to as The Courtauld, is a self-governing college of the University of London specialising in the study of the history of art and conservation.

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The Courtauld Institute is based in Somerset House, in the Strand in London.

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In 2019, The Courtauld Institute's teaching and research activities temporarily relocated to Vernon Square, London, while its Somerset House site underwent a major regeneration project.

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Courtauld Institute was founded in 1932 through the philanthropic efforts of the industrialist and art collector Samuel Courtauld Institute, the diplomat and collector Lord Lee of Fareham, and the art historian Sir Robert Witt.

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Originally The Courtauld Institute was based in Home House, a Robert Adam-designed townhouse in London's Portman Square.

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Courtauld Institute has been an independent college of the University of London since 2002.

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Courtauld Institute has featured several times on the BBC's arts programme Fake or Fortune.

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Courtauld Institute was ranked first in the United Kingdom for History and History of Art in The Guardians 2011 University Guide and was confirmed in this rank for research quality in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

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Courtauld Institute was ranked, again, first in the United Kingdom for History and History of Art in The Guardians 2017 University Guide.

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Only undergraduate course offered by The Courtauld Institute is a BA in the History of Art.

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Courtauld Institute has two photographic libraries which originated as the private collections of two benefactors: the Conway Library, covering architecture, architectural drawings, sculpture and illuminated manuscripts, named after the Lord Conway of Allington and the Witt Library, after Sir Robert Witt, covering paintings, drawings and engravings and containing over two million reproductions of works by over 70,000 artists.

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Courtauld Institute uses a virtual learning environment to deliver course material to its students.

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Since 2004, The Courtauld Institute has published an annual research journal, Immediations, edited by current members of the research student body.

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Courtauld Institute Gallery is open to the public, having closed temporarily on 3 September 2018 until 19 November 2021 for a major redevelopment Since 1989 it has been housed in the Strand block of Somerset House, which was the first home of the Royal Academy, founded in 1768.

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Courtauld Institute is well known for its many graduates who have become directors of art museums around the world.

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