10 Facts About Craterus


Craterus or Krateros was a Macedonian general under Alexander the Great and one of the Diadochi.

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Craterus was the son of a Macedonian nobleman named Alexander from Orestis and brother of admiral Amphoterus.

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Craterus commanded the phalanx and all infantry on the left wing in Battle of Issus in 333 BC.

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At the festivities in Susa, Craterus married princess Amastris, daughter of Oxyathres, the brother of Darius III.

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Craterus stayed in Cilicia, where he was building the fleet, when Alexander unexpectedly died in Babylon.

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In case Craterus wouldn't be able to govern in Macedonia due to his health, his successor was to be Polyperchon.

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Craterus eventually crossed into Europe when Antipater requested assistance from several commanders in the Lamian war, but leaving the supreme command in possession of Antipater.

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Craterus sailed with his Cilician navy to Greece and led troops at the Battle of Crannon in 322.

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Craterus married Antipater's daughter Phila, with whom he had a son, called Craterus.

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Craterus was killed in battle against Eumenes in Asia Minor when his charging horse fell over him, somewhere near the Hellespont, in 321.

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