10 Facts About Cyberport


Cyberport is a business park in Southern District, Hong Kong consisting of four office buildings, a hotel, and a retail entertainment complex.

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Cyberport is managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

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In operation since 2004, Cyberport focuses on fintech, smart living, digital entertainment and esports, AI and big data, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

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Cyberport is currently home to the largest Fintech community in Hong Kong with more than 350 Fintech companies.

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Bowtie, a member of the Cyberport community, was authorised by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority to become Hong Kong's first virtual insurer under the Fast Track system in November 2018.

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Zhong An and WeLab, who are members of Cyberport, were two of the initial eight financial institutions and firms to be granted a virtual bank license.

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Cyberport project has courted controversy since its inception because of the government's bypassing the open-tender process in awarding the project to real estate developer Richard Li Tzar-Kai, and because of its reliance on "ancillary residential" revenue.

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In March 1999, the Hong Kong government announced its intention to develop a "Cyberport", to help local businesses capitalise on the rapid growth of the Internet.

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The Cyberport is billed as home to an incubator for ICT startups, providing office space, financial aid, training, micro fund and network access to the investment community.

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Construction of the Cyberport portion consisting of four office buildings, The Arcade and Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel, was completed in phases between 2002 and 2004.

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