22 Facts About Cyttorak


Cyttorak is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Cyttorak existed as a deity who received worship on Earth until, under unknown circumstances, he was banished from the Earth.

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Cyttorak took up residence in a dimension known as the Crimson Cosmos, where time did not pass.

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Cyttorak has existed since the time of the ancient sorceress Morgan le Fay, and even then offered his magic to his worshippers for power, as shown when Morgan used the Crimson Bands to easily bind Dr Strange and Bolar.

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Cyttorak managed to build a temple in a Southeast Asian country.

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Cyttorak had a thrall demon named Xorak protect this temple for him.

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Cyttorak was last seen being released from a magical prison by Pete Wisdom during the Skrull invasion of Otherworld.

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Cyttorak agrees to the terms and Colossus becomes the new avatar of the Juggernaut and is able to push Cain Marko back until Cain is summoned by the Serpent.

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Cyttorak later attended the Devil's Advocacy where he fiercely spoke out against the Serpent's actions on Earth where he took control of Cain Marko.

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Just as Doctor Strange convinced Cyttorak to let them go, Juggernaut attacked the entity, knocking him down and taking the gemstone from his forehead.

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Cyttorak desired to inhabit Cain's body and leave his dimension.

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Cyttorak brutalized Cain severely, but Cain chose not to surrender.

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Cain defeated Cyttorak and exited the Crimson Cosmos with more vitality than before.

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Cyttorak easily shrugged off an attack by Thor, but Thor persisted with the struggle.

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The flame recalled to Loki how Cyttorak empowered Marko, to which Loki responded that he had not heard the name of Cyttorak mentioned for quite some time.

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Cyttorak granted the power and form of the Juggernaut to an unnamed youth, whom Cain knew.

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Cyttorak was stopped by Colossus, who wanted to destroy the gem.

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In return for Cyttorak granting all of his powers to him, Colossus would then kill him.

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The deal was accepted, but Cyttorak made an alteration to the bargain: instead, he passed his powers on to Cain Marko, making him the Juggernaut.

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Cyttorak has provided indestructible bands to Doctor Strange to use as a shield or to restrain enemies, and provided power to the titanic Juggernaut through an enchanted ruby.

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Cyttorak used the ruby with his computer to monitor far away events, as well as using the ruby to relay a message to the East Coast using a non-operational computer on the West Coast.

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Cyttorak has demonstrated the ability to create life when he created an entire race of elves out of magical energy simply so he could have somebody to worship and adore him.

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