14 Facts About Dana Milbank


Dana Timothy Milbank was born on April 27,1968 and is an American author and columnist for The Washington Post.


Dana Milbank is a graduate of Yale University, where he was a member of Trumbull College, the Progressive Party of the Yale Political Union and the secret society Skull and Bones.


Dana Milbank is a graduate of Sanford H Calhoun High School in Merrick, New York.


In 1993, Milbank married Donna Lynn DePasquale in an interfaith Jewish and Roman Catholic ceremony.


Dana Milbank covered President George W Bush's first term in office.


In 2001, a pool report penned by Dana Milbank which covered a Bush visit to the US Capitol generated controversy within conservative circles.


Dana Milbank writes "Washington Sketch" for the Post, an observational column about political theater in the White House, Congress, and elsewhere in the capital.


Dana Milbank was criticized for a July 30,2008 article in which, in part by using snippets of quotations, he portrayed Barack Obama as being presumptuous.


Dana Milbank stated that he has been dissatisfied since he was criticized by Olbermann's staff over making a positive comment about Charlie Black, a John McCain senior advisor, and as a result had already been negotiating with CNN.


Dana Milbank's analysis showed that Biden had had mainly positive coverage for the first three months of the year, but the press covered Biden more harshly than Trump in the past four months.


In 2022, Dana Milbank authored The Destructionists: The 25-Year Crack-Up of the Republican Party.


Dana Milbank has stated that his policy on United States presidential elections is to vote for the best candidate who is not on the ballot.


Dana Milbank voted for John McCain in 2000, Chuck Hagel in 2004, and Michael Bloomberg in 2008.


Dana Milbank explained that his approach allows him to "go through the exercise of who would be a good president" while avoiding committing to one candidate or another in the race.