29 Facts About Darrell Hammond


Darrell Hammond has made more SNL appearances than any other cast member and impersonated more than 107 celebrities, with Bill Clinton as his most frequent impression.


On September 19,2014, Darrell Hammond was announced as the new announcer of SNL, replacing Don Pardo, who had died the month before.


Darrell Hammond was born in Melbourne, Florida, the son of Margaret and Max Darrell Hammond.


Darrell Hammond was severely abused by his mother, contributing to his lifelong struggles with depression and substance abuse.


Darrell Hammond's father, dealing with his own psychological issues resulting from his military service during World War II, often drank heavily and acted out violently.


Darrell Hammond found as a child that doing impressions was the only thing he did his mother liked.


Darrell Hammond played baseball in high school and at Brevard Community College.

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Darrell Hammond went on to attend the University of Florida, where he graduated in 1978 with a degree in advertising and a 2.1 GPA.


Darrell Hammond then returned to Florida where he was a radio DJ at BJ 105 FM, telling Howard Stern in 2002, "First I tried to be a jock, which I really sucked at," followed by being a voiceover artist in the Orlando area.


At 32 years old, Darrell Hammond moved back to New York to make one last attempt at being a stand-up comedian.


Darrell Hammond previously held the record for the longest consecutive tenure of any SNL cast member in the show's history, until he was surpassed by Kenan Thompson in 2017.


Darrell Hammond impersonated SNL announcer Don Pardo, filling in for Pardo on occasions when the announcer was unavailable.


Darrell Hammond was the last SNL cast member from the 1990s to leave the show.


In 2014 Darrell Hammond took over the announcer role on SNL starting with the 40th-season premiere, replacing Pardo, who had died that August.


Darrell Hammond moved back to New York in 2016 after Trump won the nomination, expecting to be appearing on a weekly basis during the election.


Darrell Hammond is a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show.


Darrell Hammond had his own stand-up comedy special on Comedy Central: Comedy Central Presents Darrell Hammond.


In 2009, Darrell Hammond had a guest starring role on the FX drama Damages.


Since returning to Los Angeles in 2017, Darrell Hammond has appeared in episodes of Criminal Minds, At Home with Amy Sedaris, and a Friday Night Lights spoof series on sports website The Kicker.


Darrell Hammond was seen with another woman several times in May and June 2011, prompting speculation about their marriage.


Darrell Hammond has admitted to struggling with alcoholism and cocaine addiction.


Darrell Hammond regularly wears all black when not performing as an homage to another friend who committed suicide in 1992.


Monteleone, who was driving Darrell Hammond's vehicle at the time of the accident, is a Manhattan real estate agent.


Darrell Hammond says that he was medicated throughout his tenure on Saturday Night Live, and that he cut himself backstage and was once taken from the studio to a psychiatric ward.


The director has expressed plans for a Broadway residency, although Darrell Hammond stated he would prefer an actor to play him instead, as he found the tour so stressful he had to be hospitalized twice during the Los Angeles run.

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In 2015 Darrell Hammond revived his Trump impression on SNL, after Taran Killam's attempt failed to gain public interest.


One evening, while the ship was docked in the Bahamas, Darrell Hammond says he visited a restaurant, where he consumed the equivalent of 16 shots of rum.


Darrell Hammond claimed that a man repeatedly asked him throughout the evening to take a dollar bill with trace amounts of cocaine on it.


Darrell Hammond was released after his father traveled to the Bahamas and paid $3,000 for his son's release.