32 Facts About Dave Grohl

1. Dave Grohl has worn a White Knot ribbon to various events to promote whiteknot.

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2. In May 2006, Dave Grohl sent a note of support to the two trapped miners in the Beaconsfield mine collapse in Tasmania, Australia.

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3. Dave Grohl dropped out of high school at the beginning of the 11th grade.

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4. Dave Grohl was married to photographer Jennifer Youngblood from 1994 to 1997.

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5. On December 1, 2015 Dave Grohl appeared on an episode of The Muppets where he competed in a "drum off" with Animal.

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6. Dave Grohl was featured in a number of songs on the EP.

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7. Dave Grohl referenced Edgar Winter's instrumental "Frankenstein" as being the song that made him want to become a musician.

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8. Dave Grohl admitted during the speech that Psy's "Gangnam Style" was one of his favorite songs of "the past decade".

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9. Dave Grohl delivered a keynote speech at the 2013 South by Southwest conference in Austin Texas, US on the morning of March 14.

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10. In February 2013, Dave Grohl filled in as host of Chelsea Lately for a week.

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11. Dave Grohl directed a documentary entitled Sound City which is about the Van Nuys studio of the same name where Nevermind was recorded that shut down its music operations in 2011.

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12. In October 2011, Dave Grohl temporarily joined Cage the Elephant as a replacement on tour after drummer Jared Champion's appendix burst.

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13. Dave Grohl voiced the controversial Syrian dictator, Abdule Malik in the season 3 finale, Doublebookedklok.

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14. Dave Grohl played drums on the tracks "Run with the Wolves" and "Stand Up" on The Prodigy's 2009 album Invaders Must Die.

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15. Dave Grohl joined McCartney's band singing backup vocals and playing guitar on "Band on the Run" and drums on "Back in the USS.

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16. In June 2008, Dave Grohl was Paul McCartney's special guest for a concert at the Anfield football stadium in Liverpool, in one of the central events of the English city's year as European Capital of Culture.

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17. Dave Grohl toured with the band in support of the album, delaying work on the Foo Fighters' album One by One.

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18. In 2002, Dave Grohl helped Chan Marshall of Cat Power on the album You Are Free and played with Queens of the Stone Age on their album Songs for the Deaf.

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19. Dave Grohl performed drums for their 2012 album Rize of the Fenix.

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20. In 2001, Dave Grohl performed on Tenacious D's debut album, and appeared in the video for lead single "Tribute" as a demon.

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21. Dave Grohl does not feel they have written their best hits yet.

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22. On November 23, 2002, Dave Grohl achieved a historical milestone by replacing himself on the top of the Billboard Modern rock chart, when "You Know You're Right" by Nirvana was replaced by "All My Life" by Foo Fighters.

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23. Dave Grohl penned a few new songs, recording one of them, "Walking After You", by himself at a studio in Washington, DC Inspired by the session, Grohl opted to move the band, without Goldsmith's knowledge, to Los Angeles to re-record most of the album with Grohl behind the kit.

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24. Dave Grohl was rumored as a possible replacement for Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese and even performed with the band for a song or two at three shows during Pearl Jam's March 1995 Australian tour.

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25. In October 1994, Dave Grohl scheduled studio time, again at Robert Lang Studios, and quickly recorded a fifteen-track demo.

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26. Dave Grohl stated in a 2014 episode of Sonic Highways that Cobain reacted by kissing him upon first hearing a demo of "Alone + Easy Target" that Grohl had recently recorded.

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27. Dave Grohl spent the initial months with Nirvana traveling to various labels as the band shopped for a deal, eventually signing with DGC Records.

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28. Dave Grohl dropped out of high school in his junior year; he said, "I was 17 and extremely anxious to see the world, so I did it.

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29. At the age of 17, Dave Grohl auditioned with local DC favorites Scream to fill the vacancy left by the departure of drummer Kent Stax.

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30. Dave Grohl stayed there for two years, beginning with a repeat of his first year.

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31. Dave Grohl was elected vice president of his freshman class and in that capacity would manage to play bits of songs by punk bands like Circle Jerks and Bad Brains over the school intercom before his morning announcements.

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32. Dave Grohl is the founder, frontman, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter of the rock band Foo Fighters since 1994, and was the longest-serving drummer for Nirvana from 1990 to 1994.

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