24 Facts About Denis Kudla

1. Denis Kudla has a sponsorship deal with Lacoste, and is represented by tennis agent Sam Duvall at Lagardere Unlimited.

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2. Denis Kudla enjoys hanging out at the beach, and hanging out with friends.

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3. Denis Kudla is an American professional tennis player.

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4. Denis Kudla made the main draw of the 2018 French Open when he beat Jurgen Zopp in the final round of qualifying.

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5. Denis Kudla failed to qualify for any of the Grand Slam Tournaments in 2017.

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6. Denis Kudla competed in singles at the 2016 Rio Olympics for the United States.

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7. Denis Kudla was narrowly beaten in the fourth round by US Open champion Marin Cilic.

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8. Denis Kudla began the tournament by defeating 28th seed Pablo Cuevas despite losing the first two sets.

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9. Denis Kudla could not repeat the victory, losing to Ivan Dodig while plagued with a back injury throughout the three sets.

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10. In 2012, Denis Kudla qualified for the main draw of a grand slam for the first time at the Australian Open.

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11. Denis Kudla lost to qualifier Michael Yani in three sets in the quarterfinals.

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12. Denis Kudla reached the quarterfinals in singles at the 2011 Campbell's Hall of Fame Tennis Championships, having knocked off big-serving Ivo Karlovic in three sets, and then second seed Grigor Dimitrov handily.

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13. Denis Kudla has won three Challenger singles titles and two doubles Futures titles thus far in his career.

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14. Denis Kudla reached the semifinals of his second professional tour event, USA.

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15. Denis Kudla has a sponsorship deal with Lacoste, and is represented by tennis agent Sam Duvall at Topnotch Management.

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16. Denis Kudla estimates that he spends around $12,000 a year on stringing each year.

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17. Denis Kudla likes to hit his balls a little flatter, so Luxilon had given him that little extra pop.

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18. Denis Kudla started playing tennis with a Head racquet, and then switched to Wilson when he was 11.

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19. Early in his career, Denis Kudla worked out with trainer Greg Petrosian down in Boca Raton where he still trains.

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20. Denis Kudla models his game after Spaniard David Ferrer, and his idol is Roger Federer.

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21. Denis Kudla is an avid fan of sports, as he supports the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, Washington Nationals and occasionally the San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants, and Boston Celtics.

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22. Denis Kudla would tag along as Nikita took informal lessons from their father in Fairfax's Van Dyck Park.

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23. Denis Kudla moved from Ukraine to Fairfax, Virginia on his first birthday and soon became an American citizen.

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24. Denis Kudla is an American professional tennis player of Ukrainian descent.

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