12 Facts About Disco polo


Disco polo is a genre of popular dance music, created in Poland in the 1980s, it was initially known as "sidewalk music" or "backyard music".

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Classic disco polo songs are characterized by simple chord progressions and melodies, and takes further influence from the steady rhythms found in folk music.

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On February 29,1992, a TVP1 broadcast dedicated to disco polo named Gala Piosenki Chodnikowej i Popularnej was held.

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Disco polo was represented in Polonia 1, a network of local stations in urban areas, as well as TV Polonia.

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Disco polo was acknowledged by the mainstream media as a symbol of kitsch and primitivism.

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On October 4,2009, a new program produced by Maciej Jamroz by the name of Disco polo Bandzo was featured on Tele 5, which lasts approximately 50 minutes.

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From April 8 to 1 December 2013, disco polo was promoted by Radio Plus, which changed its slogan from Lagodne Przeboje to Zawsze w Rytmie.

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Disco polo is popular outside of Poland, especially within the Polish diaspora.

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Recently, the disco polo genre has seen a new revival in Poland after the 2016 New Year's Eve party, when the TV channel TVP2 invited the frontman of Akcent, Zenon Martyniuk, one of the most popular disco polo performers, to perform on the main stage.

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The president of Polish television Jacek Kurski has expressed his joy at the fact that disco polo is no longer ironically hated as the performance was enjoyed by many people present at the event.

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Since 2007, interest in disco polo has grown, which is reflected in a greater presence of this music in some media and the increased amount of played concerts.

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Bands and performers of disco polo participate in many charity concerts and events including during the Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy.

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