18 Facts About Docomo


NTT Docomo, Inc is a Japanese mobile phone operator.

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Docomo provides phone, video phone, i-mode, and mail services.

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Docomo's headquarters are in the Sanno Park Tower, Nagatacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo.

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Docomo had been spun off from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone in August 1991 to take over the mobile cellular operations, although the parent company had the majority stake until the re-privatization in 2020.

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NTT Docomo is a subsidiary of Japan's incumbent telephone operator, NTT.

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NTT Docomo is the creator of W-CDMA technology as well as mobile i-mode service.

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NTT Docomo had over 53 million customers, which is more than half of Japan's cellular market.

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NTT Docomo is listed on the Tokyo, London, and New York stock exchanges.

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Docomo was the last major global mobile carrier to offer Apple's iPhone, which it finally did with the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c.

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In July 2012, NTT Docomo acquired Italy's Buongiorno in a deal worth 209 million euros.

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In May 2017, NTT Docomo launched 5G trial networks at Aomi, Odaiba and the area around Tokyo Skytree.

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NTT Docomo was a founding member of the Symbian Foundation.

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From 2008, Docomo began offering a service called the "Area Mail Disaster Information Service" which broadcasts Earthquake Early Warning messages produced by the Japan Meteorological Agency to its subscribers with compatible handsets.

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Docomo has a wide variety of merchandising such as cell phone straps, keychains, and plush dolls.

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However, NTT Docomo was not successful in investing in foreign carriers.

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In June 2008 NTT Docomo joined the non-profit Symbian Foundation led by Nokia to co-develop a new Symbian smartphone operating system based on the S60 platform, which resulted in Symbian^2 for the Japanese market.

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Docomo is working on implementing its FeliCa-based payment system, called iD, overseas.

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Docomo Digital is the international payments business of NTT DOCOMO.

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