8 Facts About Don Rickles

1. In a 2014 interview, Don Rickles dismissed thoughts of retiring, saying: "I'm in good health.

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2. On May 11, 2015, Don Rickles appeared as a guest on one of the final episodes of The Late Show with David Letterman.

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3. In 2011, Don Rickles reunited with his Casino co-star Joe Pesci in a Snickers advertisement highlighting the actors known for their "short fuses.

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4. In 2009, Don Rickles appeared on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List and met Griffin's mother Maggie to fulfill one item on Maggie's "bucket list".

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5. In 1993, Don Rickles starred in another short-lived sitcom Daddy Dearest, with Richard Lewis.

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6. In the early 1980s, Don Rickles began performing with Steve Lawrence in concerts in Las Vegas.

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7. In his memoir, Don Rickles acknowledged a scripted sitcom was not well-suited to his ad-lib style of performing.

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8. In 1970, Don Rickles had a notable role as Crapgame in Kelly's Heroes, sharing the marquee poster with co-stars Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland and Carroll O'Connor.

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