9 Facts About Bob Newhart

1. In 1985 Bob Newhart was rushed to the emergency room, suffering from secondary polycythemia, after years of heavy smoking.

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2. In June 2015, Bob Newhart appeared on another series finale, the final episode of Hot in Cleveland playing the father-in-law of Joy Scroggs.

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3. On December 19, 2014, Bob Newhart made a surprise appearance on the final episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, where he was revealed to be the person inside Secretariat, Ferguson's on-set pantomime horse.

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4. At that year's Emmy ceremony, Bob Newhart appeared as a presenter with The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons and received an unexpected standing ovation.

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5. In 2011, Bob Newhart appeared in a small but pivotal role as a doctor in Lifetime's anthology film on breast cancer Five, and in 2013, he made a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory as the aged Professor Proton, a former science TV show host turned children's party entertainer, for which he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

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6. In 1995, a 65-year-old Bob Newhart was approached by the Showtime cable network to appear in the first comedy special in his 35-year career.

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7. In 1992, Bob Newhart returned to television with a series called Bob, about a cartoonist.

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8. In 1968, Bob Newhart played an annoying software specialist in the film Hot Millions.

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9. In the mid-1960s, Bob Newhart appeared on The Dean Martin Show 24 times, and on The Ed Sullivan Show eight times.

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