17 Facts About Donbas Battalion


Donbas Battalion was initially formed by Russian-speaking Ukrainians from the Donbas who opposed the separatist movement.

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The Donbas Battalion successfully destroyed a separatist checkpoint in Krasnoarmiysk.

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Donbas Battalion commander was offered to locate a base in Novopidgorodnye at the boundary of the Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk Oblasts.

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Donbas Battalion fighters were armed with several small-caliber rifles, an old rifle and several grenades.

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The Donbas battalion took the district under military occupation, supervising elections in Velikonovosilkivsky district.

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Five Donbas fighters were killed and the Vostok battalion lost 11.

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The Donbas Battalion fighters faced the building of the Verkhovna Rada turning their backs to the people, demonstrating on which side they were – on the side of people.

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Donbas Battalion fighters located in Artemivsk took active effort in liberating the city from DPR forces – night-time attacks of militants were being met, checkpoints were being built in and outside the city, and operations were conducted to clear the territory.

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On 19 August 2014, Semen Semenchenko, the commander of the Donbas battalion, was injured during the assault of Ilovaysk, having suffered shrapnel wounds.

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From 15 to 25 December 2015, the Donbas Battalion organized a blockade of Akhmetov humanitarian convoys to the Lugansk People's Republic-occupied territories in order to accelerate a captive exchange process, blocking motorways in Luhansk oblast by mobile groups in a tank-dangerous direction.

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On 11 January 2015, the Donbas Battalion marched to Kyiv demanding an immediate sending of the unit into a combat area to carry out missions there.

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In January–February 2015, the Donbas battalion took part in battles near Debaltseve as in an attack of fortified areas of Russian mercenaries.

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Demilitarization did not take place, but at the end of July 2015, the Donbas battalion was withdrawn from watching Shirokino's front positions.

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From October 2015 to March 2016, the Donbas battalion was on duty on the checkpoints of the third defense line near Mariupol and Berdyansk.

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From March 2016 to April 2016, a significant part of the Donbas battalion was demobilized, serving as the mobilized for a calendar year, being reluctant to continue service on the third defense line.

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Veterans from the Internal Corps of the Donbas Battalion are actively visiting court sessions concerning volunteer soldiers throughout Ukraine.

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UN monitoring mission in Ukraine reported that during the Battle of Ilovaisk in 2014, the Donbas battalion took part in ill-treatment and torture of male population of the city, aged 30 to 66.

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