15 Facts About Duck Avenger


Donald Duck Avenger has a prominent role in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, the American flagship anthology comic first published in 1940.

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Duck Avenger continued to work at the daily strip until October 10,1968, and at the Sunday page until February 16,1969.

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Daisy Duck Avenger first appeared in the strip on November 4,1940, following her first proper animated appearance in Mr Duck Avenger Steps Out, first released on June 7,1940.

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Donald's paternal grandmother, usually just called Grandma Duck Avenger, first appeared in a portrait on August 11,1940, and in person on September 28,1943.

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Duck Avenger was allowed to focus entirely on his own cast of Duckburg citizens, such as the richest duck in the world, Uncle Scrooge McDuck, lucky cousin Gladstone Gander, and peculiar inventor Gyro Gearloose.

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Duck Avenger created his first Donald Duck ten-pager, The Victory Garden, which first published in April 1943; the basic script came from the studio, but Barks was asked to rewrite it in addition to drawing it.

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Duck Avenger's nephews accompanied him in those stories and Barks gave many aspects to their personalities.

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Duck Avenger was mentioned by name and made a cameo in Good Deeds, first published in July, 1943.

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Duck Avenger was mentioned as a neighbor that Donald likes to harass, but more as a form of teasing than anything more serious.

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Donald's maternal uncle Scrooge McDuck Avenger made his first appearance in Christmas on Bear Mountain, first published in December 1947.

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The first member of The Clan McDuck Avenger to appear, his name was based on Ebenezer Scrooge, a fictional character from Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol.

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Duck Avenger later worked briefly for the Dutch editors, but moved to work directly for Egmont soon afterwards.

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Paperinik, known as PK, Duck Avenger, Superduck, Phantom Duck, Phantomias, Stalanden, Stal-Kalle, Fantonald, Taikaviitta is a comic book-costumed vigilante, Donald Duck's alter ego.

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Duck Avenger is given special powers, and told that he has become a "platyrhynchos kineticus", an energized duck, or PK for short, stepping around his Paperinik roots.

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In 2008, a mobile Java game known as PK: Phantom Duck Avenger was released; with the help of Gyro, Paperinik has to fight against the plans of the Beagle Boys there.

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