10 Facts About Ealing Studios


Ealing Studios is a television and film production company and facilities provider at Ealing Green in West London.

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Since 2000, Ealing Studios has resumed releasing films under its own name, including the revived St Trinian's franchise.

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Ealing Studios was joined on the management level by Stephen Courtauld and Reginald Baker.

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In 1931, they built Ealing Studios, transferring all production there in December of that year.

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Ealing Studios was instrumental in the use of documentary film-makers to make more realistic war films.

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BBC bought the studios in 1955, though productions bearing the Ealing name continued to be made at the MGM British Studios at Borehamwood for two years.

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The BBC used the studio facilities at Ealing Studios for filmed inserts where an electronic studio could not be used, such as for the excavation site in Quatermass and the Pit, The White Rabbit, Colditz and the communal sequences in Porridge .

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In 2007, Ealing Studios revived the St Trinian's franchise, the second film, St Trinian's, The Legend of Fritton's Gold was released in December 2009 and took over £7 million at the UK Box Office.

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Between these, Ealing Studios released Easy Virtue, directed by Stephan Elliott and Dorian Gray, directed by Oliver Parker.

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Ealing Studios is used by the Met Film School London, which has a purposely built film school on the lot and use of the studios.

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