18 Facts About East York


East York is a former administrative district and municipality within Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Traditional East York is southeast of the river, and the neighbourhoods of Leaside, Bennington Heights and densely populated Thorncliffe Park are northwest of the river.

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East York was originally populated by working-class English people who valued the opportunity to own small homes of their own, with front lawns and back gardens.

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The local government was both socially conscious and frugal, fitting the residents' self-image of East York as filled with supportive neighbours and non-government organizations.

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Many years, East York did not allow the serving of alcoholic beverages in any restaurants, etc.

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Borough of East York was established in 1967 through the amalgamation of the former township of East York and the former town of Leaside.

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East York has over the years been a residential enclave for senior citizens, as the original owners from the 1940s age and as younger families move out to suburbs to live in larger houses.

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East York had its own fire department with three stations, which are still in operation today under the combined Toronto Fire Services.

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Canada's only borough, East York was semi-autonomous within the greater municipality of Metropolitan Toronto.

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East York is located not far from the mouth of the Don River.

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East York is located north of Danforth Avenue between the Don River and Victoria Park Avenue.

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Since the 1970s, the population composition has changed from predominantly British, as East York has become a major arrival point for immigrants, many of whom have established their first Canadian residence in the apartments that became plentiful in Thorncliffe Park, Crescent Town and elsewhere on or near main streets.

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East York has a well established Greek population and a growing Chinese community.

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Religious affiliations of the East York population are consistent with its ethnic composition.

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The East York Lyndhursts represented the Canada men's national ice hockey team at the 1954 Ice Hockey World Championships.

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East York is home to baseball organizations such as East York and Topham Park.

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East York is home to a provincially known figure skating club, a gymnastics club, a lawn bowling club, and a curling club.

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East York has a skateboarding community group, Team EY, who collaborated with the local skateboarding community to build the East York Skatepark in 2007.

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