10 Facts About Metropolitan Toronto


Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto was an upper-tier level of municipal government in Ontario, Canada, from 1953 to 1998.

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Metropolitan Toronto wrote a draft bill, but the government chose not to act on it.

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In 1950, the City of Metropolitan Toronto Council voted to adopt an amalgamated city, while nearly all of the suburbs rejected the amalgamation.

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Cumming's report proposed a compromise solution: a two-tiered government, with the formation of a Metropolitan Toronto government, governed by a Metropolitan Toronto Council, to provide strategic functions, while existing municipalities would retain all other services.

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Metropolitan Toronto rejected full amalgamation, citing a need to preserve 'a government which is very close to the local residents.

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Metropolitan Toronto had planning authority over the surrounding townships such as Vaughan, Markham, and Pickering, although these areas did not have representation on Metro Council.

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The reorganized Metropolitan Toronto adopted a flag and decal using a symbol of six rings representing the six municipalities.

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Originally, members of the Metropolitan Toronto Council sat on their respective lower-tier councils; they were not directly elected to the upper-tier council, and because Toronto councillors often voted in a bloc, inner-city issues tended to dominate.

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From its inception in 1953 until the 1966 municipal election, Metropolitan Toronto Council consisted of the mayor of Toronto, two members of the Toronto Board of Control and one mayor or reeve from each of the 12 suburbs, and was presided over by the Metro chairman who did not have a seat.

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Metro Metropolitan Toronto wards established in 1988 were given names that contained the number of the ward, name of municipality and the name of the local communities:.

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